First and Limited Editions

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First and Limited Editions

Recently, we came across three copies of the first edition of our very first book. We had kept them, years ago, in case we needed to replace a faulty book or one that got damaged in shipping. We didn’t have to use them for that purpose, so now we can offer an exclusive package of the first editions of all three books we’ve published. The entire proceeds will go to charity – we are donating them to Doctors without Borders.
Each first edition book is signed by the authors. The set includes:

  • The Golden Age of Handbuilt Bicycles, our first and still enormously popular book about the French constructeurs. This is the book that started the current wave of metal fenders, front racks and 650B wheels. The gorgeous studio photos show 50 of the most beautiful bicycles ever made.
  • The Competition Bicycle shows the actual bicycles ridden by professionals and amateurs. More than that, it charts the technical development of performance bicycles from high-wheelers to modern machines with carbon disc wheels. In addition to the bikes ridden by champions like Fausto Coppi, Eddy Merckx, Greg LeMond and Andy Hampsten, you find a super-rare Dursley-Pedersen racer, a tandem that came first in Paris-Brest-Paris, and even a machine built for the races of the Paris newspaper couriers, the famous porteurs.
  • René Herse tells the story of this amazing builder through the eyes of the riders of his bikes. These cyclists rode hard in competitions, but also explored new landscapes and cultures on their tours. Most of all, they forged lasting friendships and lived their lives fully doing what they liked best: cycling in the company of good friends. Hundreds of historic photos combine with studio photos of 20 original René Herse bicycles to an evocative portrait.
  • Three 8″ x 10″ prints from The Golden Age of Handbuilt Bicycles.
  • A print of René Herse brazing a frame.
  • An oversize reproduction of the last René Herse frame decals (perfect for your tool box).
  • $ 265 (proceeds go to charity)

Since we have only three of these packages, they won’t be on our web site, but you can order directly at this link.
Update: The three packages are sold. The current editions of these books, as well as the items below, remain available.
The René Herse book also is available in a Limited Edition. Each book is numbered and signed by the author. A beautiful slipcase protects the book. It comes with three 8.5″ x 11″ art prints of previously unpublished photos from the René Herse archives that are ready to frame. Limited to 150 copies. 424 pages. $ 185
Click here for more information or to order.
We also offer posters of two evocative images from the René Herse archives. They show Serge Félix on 650B bike during the 1955 Poly de Chanteloup, as well as the Baudins descending at speed on their tandem. The large-format posters (32.7″ x 23.6″) are printed on acid-free stock and varnished to protect the images. Each poster is limited to 300 copies and will not be reprinted. $ 20 (one poster); $ 35 (both).
Click here for more information or to order.

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