Gear of the Year Award for Fleecer Ridge

Posted by: Jan Heine Category: Tires

Gear of the Year Award for Fleecer Ridge

We usually don’t expect to get ‘Gear of the Year’ awards – we don’t advertise, since we prefer to spend our resources on R&D and high-end materials rather than marketing. And our products are expensive to make, so we can’t send out a lot of review samples, either. We’re especially excited that our Fleecer Ridge tires won’s Gear of the Year award for the best new component.

It’s one thing if we say that our tires are fast-rolling, tough and grippy. It’s nice to see that the testers from have continued to ride them even after the test was complete. Now they’ve ridden more than 2000 miles on them. They must like them…

Read the full article here, or head directly to their detailed video review.

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