Gift Ideas from Rene Herse

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Gift Ideas from Rene Herse

It’s that time of year again… when we tend to ride less, spend more time indoors with family and friends, and also think about gifts that show how much we appreciate them. At Rene Herse, we’re no fans of the holiday shopping frenzy, and we don’t want to sell you things you don’t need. We make our parts long-lasting and repairable. We don’t change for the sake of change, and we continue to support products that we made long ago. That’s why you won’t find bargains and deals here, but things that will bring utility and joy for a long time. Whether you are shopping for your favorite cyclists, or have others ask what you would like, here are a few ideas.

Knowledge is power, and understanding how bikes work will make a bigger change in your enjoyment of cycling (and your speed) than chasing the latest marginal gains. That’s why we summarized more than a decade of Bicycle Quarterly’s ground-breaking research—about wide tires, aerodynamics, frame stiffness, handling and geometry, and many other subjects—in a handy book: The All-Road Bike Revolution.

With a foreword by Ted King and whimsical illustrations by Myoshi, you’ll read the book cover-to-cover and then use it as a valuable reference. The research is scientific, but that doesn’t mean the book shouldn’t be fun! It’s been a best-seller, and if you or your favorite cyclist don’t have a copy yet, now is a great time to catch up on what makes a bike fast, comfortable and reliable. $28

A gift subscription to Bicycle Quarterly is another great gift. With amazing adventures from all over the world, beautiful photography, in-depth bike tests, and technical articles that keep changing the cycling world – each issue of Bicycle Quarterly is not only informative, but also a great read. $40-109

The NUDA carbon pump is another great stocking stuffer—in the most literal sense of the word. It’s superlight—just 30 g— and super-useful: Its light action allows you to inflate even large-volume tires quickly and with little effort. And since it’s made almost entirely of carbon and titanium, it looks festive, too. $39

Kool-Stop’s tire bead jack doesn’t sparkle like the NUDA pump, but any cyclist who doesn’t have one will appreciate the gift. Whether it’s installing tires on classic rims with a shallow bed, or mounting road tubeless tires that have a tight fit, this tool avoids much frustration. Perhaps best given as a festive bundle with the NUDA pump? $15

If your cyclist likes to travel, the Ostrich Disc Rotor / Cassette Cover is a useful gift they’ll appreciate. Stuff it with some chocolate or Lebkuchen! $12

The Rene Herse Pedal Bag makes a great gift bag—before it’s used to keep greasy pedal threads away from other luggage when you travel. $12

Sweaters are always a popular gift—soft, pretty and useful. Few sweaters are softer than our 85th Anniversary Merino Trainer. And dare we say, few are prettier. (We are biased, of course.) Made from the finest Merino wool and embroidered with our logo and 1938, the year René Herse started to make his innovative bike parts. This trainer is sure to become your favorite. $229

Speaking of our 85th anniversary, you don’t need to be a fan of cycling history to enjoy our 424-page book about René Herse. It’s not a book for collectors… Instead it tells the riveting story of our founder, his friends, his team and his customers—all avid cyclists whose incredible adventures will entertain and inspire you. You’ll marvel at beautiful bikes, amazing events, incredible cycling fashion—all brought to life by more than 1000 photos from the Herse family archives and modern studio photography of the most amazing René Herse bikes. This massive book comes with a 4-page update that includes stories that have only come to light recently. With a foreword by René Herse’s daughter Lyli, you’ll enjoy the trip to a time when cycling was not just a sport, but a way of life. $86

Bike parts are risky gift ideas. If somebody wonders what would make you really happy, and you ask for a set of supple tires, they may not understand—unless they are a cyclist themselves. There is a solution for that problem: Ask or give a gift card. Redeemable for tires, components, books or magazines, it keeps things simple and fun for all involved. $25-200

All of us here at Rene Herse wish you and yours a happy holiday season!

Jan, Natsuko & the Rene Herse team

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