Merino Tights from Rene Herse

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Merino Tights from Rene Herse

Merino tights are an essential part of our cycling wardrobe for cold- and wet-weather riding. Comfortably warm, but rarely too hot: Wool beats all synthetics when it comes to adapting to different temperatures. Rain or shine: Wool insulates equally well whether it’s dry or wet. That means wool tights are perfect for rides when temperatures can change, and when it may rain. And Merino wool is softer than other wool, so it’s comfortable to wear next to skin.

And yet many Merino tights fall short of this promise—because they are mostly made from synthetics. We’ve looked far and wide, and we’ve only been able to find tights with less than 40% Merino wool contents. When ‘Merino’ tights are made mostly from synthetic fabrics, it defeats their purpose. Unable to find the tights we need for our rides, we’ve worked with our friends at Woolistic to make our dream tights as an exclusive for Rene Herse Cycles.

The fabric of the Rene Herse tights consists to 90% of the finest Merino wool. Why not 100% like our jerseys? Because tights need to be more form-fitting: 7% Lycra and 3% Elastan ensure that our Rene Herse tights keep their shape. The seat is reinforced with Nylon to prevent abrasion from the saddle. (However, we recommend saddles that don’t have sharp-edged rivets on the surface where you sit.) The zippers at the ankles are long enough to go over SPD-style shoes, so you can put on or take off your tights on the road with minimum hassle. Warmer, softer, lighter and just as durable—that’s why we decided to make our own Merino tights.

In other clothing news, we’ve also got the Rene Herse long-sleeve jerseys back in stock. Made from the same ultra-soft Merino wool, it’s the jersey I wear—well, all the time when it’s too cold for the Rene Herse × Velocio Ultralight jerseys.

We’ve got very limited quantities of tights and jerseys in stock now. More will arrive in a few months. Head to the Clothing page for more information.

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