New RH Endurance Tires in 700C and 650B

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New RH Endurance Tires in 700C and 650B

Many of you asked for more tires with Endurance casings… The 700C x 35 has long been a favorite of gravel racers and all-road riders. Now you can choose between the versatile Standard casing, the superfast Extralight and the tough (but still lightning-fast) Endurance.

The 650B x 48 Switchback Hill was another obvious candidate for the Endurance casing. This is the tire that started the entire ‘Road Plus’ genre when we introduced it in 2015. It makes as much sense today as it did back then: A slightly smaller wheel size allows you to run a much wider tire, plus it maintains the nimble handling of a road bike.

This is the tire I run on all-road bikes like the Open U.P.P.E.R. and the Salsa Warbird – and it’s one of the reasons why these bikes can morph from road racer to adventure bike with a simple drop in tire pressure.

Our Antelope Hill was developed for bikepacking and adventures. It’s the perfect tire for riders who take their 29er on gravel (and even paved) roads. It’s been available with the Endurance casing for a while (above). Now we offer it with the ultra-tough Endurance Plus casing as well: Perfect for adventures where you don’t know what lies ahead.

To complement the new tires, we now offer Panaracer’s SealSmart tubeless sealant in a larger, more economical 1 liter bottle – useful when you are setting up multiple tires.

We’ve got the new tires and sealant in stock now, in limited quantities. Click on the images for more information or to order.

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