Performance Parts for Today’s Bikes

Our components are timeless, yet they are designed for today’s bikes. We forge – rather than CNC-machine – our cranks and brakes for lighter weight and higher strength. All Rene Herse components pass the most stringent EN ‘Racing Bike’ standards for fatigue resistance.

Most of our wide tires are tubeless compatible to eliminate the risk of pinch flats when riding fast on rough terrain. Our cranks offer an unparalleled choice of chainrings, and our 11- and 12-speed-compatible rings rival the shifting of the very best in the industry. Our handlebars are available in oversize diameters, so all riders can enjoy their comfort during all-day stages. We offer racks designed specifically for disc brake bikes. Our brakes are optimized for modern STI/Ergopower/DoubleTap levers. Berthoud leather saddles combine comfort with light weight thanks to composite underframes and available titanium rails.

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