Racks are still the best way to support a handlebar bag. By supporting the weight from below, the rack makes the bag more stable. The bag itself can be lighter, since it doesn’t have to support the weight of the load.

A good rack must be stiff. Otherwise, it flexes with every steering input and then springs back, messing up the handling of your bike. Steel tubing makes the stiffest and lightest racks. Many inexpensive racks are made from aluminum rods that are both more flexible and heavier than steel tubing – a cheap solution that offers only inferior performance.

The rack shape needs to be carefully designed to be stiff and strong. The best racks aren’t adjustable, because we have found that sliders and brackets flex and add weight. Worse, they tend to come loose. Your bike should be as maintenance-free as possible.

A well-designed rack becomes part of your bike, adding to its elegance and function.

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“The best integrated design available for any ‘off the peg’ randonneuring bicycle on the market.
– Mitch Pryor, Chico, CA

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