Rene Herse Randonneur 31.8 Ø Handlebars


Our most comfortable handlebar for all-day rides. The gentle curve of the ramps supports your palms better than a flatter handlebar shape. This eliminates pressure points that can lead to numb hands and pain in wrists and elbows. It’s a shape that was developed when races were long and roads were rough. We refined it so the shape  ‘just right’ (unlike many similar bars that only raise your hands, but don’t really add comfort). Once you have ridden these, you won’t want to use any other bars for really long rides.

Pro Tip: Angle your Randonneur bars upward so the ramps are approximately flat. It’s key to enjoying the supreme hand comfort for which these handlebars are famous.

31.8 mm clamp. Also available with 25.4 mm clamp diameter.

Handlebar widths are center-to-center.

  • Drops: 420/440/460/500 mm wide
  • Ramps: 390/410/430/470 mm wide (bars flare outward)
  • Reach: 115 mm (bars horizontal), increases as you angle the bars
  • Drop: 140 mm (bars horizontal), decreases as you angle the bars
  • Clamp diameter: 31.8 mm
  • Width of clamp area: 40 mm (420 - 460 mm width); 100 mm (500 mm width)
  • Weight: Superlight: 298 g (420 mm); Lightweight: 345 g (440 mm)
  • Rene Herse Superlight handlebars are made from extra-thinwall aluminum. This specification can only be used for handlebars up to 420 mm wide.
  • Rene Herse Lightweight handlebars are made from slightly thicker, but still very light, aluminum to compensate for the longer lever arm of the wider bars.
  • Heat-treated for ultimate strength
  • All Rene Herse handlebars meet the most stringent EN “Racing Bike” standard for fatigue resistance.
  • Polished (aluminum) finish
  • Made in Japan
  • 5 year warranty