New Endurance and Endurance Plus Tires

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New Endurance and Endurance Plus Tires

We’re expanding our tire line-up for tough conditions: Two of our most popular tires are now available in reinforced Endurance and Endurance Plus versions.

The Rat Trap Pass 26″ x 2.3″ – actual width is 52-54 mm depending on casing type and rim width – has been a personal favorite. I rode the Extralight version across the 4000 m (13,100 ft) Paso de Cortez in Mexico and delighted in its speed and ability to float across rough terrain. I also raced it in Japan’s amazing 100 km Otaki Mountain Bike Race.

For other riders and other adventures, more sidewall protection can be useful, so we’re now introducing the Rat Trap Pass with our Endurance casing. This uses the same ultra-fine and ultra-supple threads as the Extralight casing, but in a denser weave and with a protection layer that wraps around the entire tire. If you are running 26″ wheels, the Rat Trap Pass endurance is a great choice for rides into the unknown.

If you’re on 650B wheels, the Juniper Ridge is our go-to bikepacking and gravel racing tire. With our revolutionary dual-purpose knobbies, the Junipers rolls amazingly well on pavement, and they also grip tenaciously on gravel and mud. We’ve been offering the Juniper Ridge with the Endurance, Standard and Extralight casings, and now we’re adding the Endurance Plus casing. The Endurance Plus is one of the toughest casings you’ll find on any gravel tire. It uses thicker, stronger threads and an even sturdier protection layer. It’s a tire you’ll choose when you know that things will be rougher than other tires can handle.

Despite its incredible strength, the Endurance Plus is fast enough for Ted King, who raced the 700C x 42 mm Hurrican Ridge to 8th place in Dirty Kanza – the first time he finished the ‘Apocalypse of the Flint Hills’ without any tire trouble.

In fact, Ted’s request for a 650B version started this project. He raced prototypes in last year’s Grinduro, and I bet you’ll see it on his bikes more often than not.

Both new tires are in stock now.

For more information about what models are available with reinforced casings, click on the links below for

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