Rinko Systems: Ezy and Ezy Superior

Rinko Systems: Ezy and Ezy Superior


We have discovered a compatibility issue with the different versions of MKS Rinko pedal. Please note that the SPD-compatible MKS US-S pedals (shown on left) use the “EZY” release system while the other MKS Rinko pedals we offer use the “EZY-Superior” release system (shown on right). Each system works equally well, but the two are not interchangeable. The new SPD-compatible pedals use the “EZY” system, because it allows for a thinner, lighter adapter.
Most customers use just one type of pedal on their bikes, so whether their pedals use the “EZY” or “EZY Superior” system makes little difference. However, if you plan to swap different pedals systems on the same bike, please not that you cannot swap the SPD-compatible pedals (EZY system) with the other MKS Rinko pedals (EZY Superior system) we sell.
We apologize for any confusion in our previous e-mail and blog entry.

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  • Doug

    The MKS product is a good looking design. These appear to be double sided .Will there be a single sided version available in the future? It is hard to beat a good cartridge bearing set up. As I have grown older they are very much appreciated as I am losing the necessary touch and patience to adjust lose bearings.

    November 1, 2016 at 7:36 am

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