Classic Rene Herse Cantilever Brake


Rene Herse’s classic cantilever brakes now are available as replicas of the originals, perfect for restorations of classic Rene Herse bikes.

Sold as set for one wheel, including two brake arms with pads (with black Kool-Stop pads) and hardware shown, plus straddle cable.


  • These brakes do not fit on modern cantilever posts. For current bikes, use our Rene Herse cantilever brakes.
  • The ends of the straddle cable must be silver-brazed onto the cable.
  • Steel eyebolts and aluminum nuts for the pad holders are included.
  • Straddle cable hangers and bolts for mounting brakes to the frame are not included, as most classic bikes still have theirs. If needed, the hangers and bolts are available separately.
  • Please allow a few extra days for assembly and shipping of these brakes.

Free worldwide shipping for the Rene Herse brakes.

Made in Taiwan and USA. Rene Herse® is a registered trademark.

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Rene Herse introduced his revolutionary cantilever brakes at the 1938 Concours de Machines. Their superlight weight was matched by excellent stopping power, something that was lacking from previous cantilevers.

Herse’s first version consisted of two aluminum plates, a design that later inspired the famous Mafac cantilevers used by generations of cyclocross racers. In 1945, Herse introduced his definitive model, with a fine-tuned geometry and a die-cast construction that allowed for even lighter weight. Herse’s brakes were not just for superlight bikes in the Concours; they equipped all his bikes and even tandems. Carefully equalized springs eliminate the need for tension adjustment screws, saving additional weight.

  • Mounts to Rene Herse cantilever posts
  • Forged for superior strength