Summer 2022 Bicycle Quarterly

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Summer 2022 Bicycle Quarterly

The Summer Bicycle Quarterly is on the press now. What makes this edition special is the sheer variety of the articles. At Bicycle Quarterly, we cover cycling in all its wonderful variety. For example, we feature studio photoshoots of no fewer than three bikes:

Our test bike, the carbon Allied Echo has clever flip chips in the dropouts that allow converting it from a road bike (above) to a gravel bike. The flip chips don’t just change the tire clearance, but also wheelbase, head angle and handlebar height. Comparing the road and gravel setups made for an interesting comparison.

Building a custom bike for Unbound XL, the 350-mile gravel race across the Flint Hills of Kansas, was a big challenge and great opportunity: What is the fastest bike for a 24-hour race on rough gravel roads? Step by step, we look at what makes this bike uniquely suited to this task.

50 years ago, Geneviève Gambillon won the World Championships on the road. We examined her classic Rene Herse racing bike with its wonderful patina and explore what makes it special.

At Bicycle Quarterly, we love bikes in all their forms. Contemporary, classic, and pushing the boundaries of what bikes can do. Road, all-road, and gravel. Carbon, steel…

…and even wood. Sano-Magic is the undisputed master of mahogany bikes that are as light as carbon and offer an incredible ride quality. Our friend Meisei Nishikawa persuaded Sano-san to make the first-ever Mahogany Sportif, complete with wider tires and wooden fenders. We bring you the story of this amazing bike and show you step-by-step how it was built.

Looking at photos of beautiful bikes is fun, but Bicycle Quarterly’s focus has always been on riding. Krysten Koehn writes how landscapes form us and make us who we are. It took a journey around the world to discover that the place where she grew up is where she belongs.

Donalrey Nieva went to Tenerife, a volcanic island that is the favorite training ground for European pro cyclists. Donalrey wasn’t training for anything specific. Instead, he takes us on an amazing exploration of this beautiful island.

Hailey Moore challenged herself to push her boundaries: She went to ride the Ozark Gravel Doom. Read her story how she set an FKT (Fastest Known Time) on this incredible bikepacking route.

BQ tester Mark and Jan went to Unbound XL, the 350-mile endurance race in Kansas. Read Mark’s report from his first gravel race, and Jan’s story of riding through an unexpectedly rugged landscape with new-found friends.

No Bicycle Quarterly would be complete without information you can immediately use. We test a set of carbon race wheels, a GPS that really works, and an indispensable wheelbuilding tool for SL generator hubs.

You may wonder how all those stories fit into one magazine… They almost didn’t, so we added 8 pages to give each adventure the room it deserves. Every Bicycle Quarterly is really a book, not just a magazine, and that applies to this one even more than usually.

We are preparing the mailing lists for this exciting edition. To get your copy directly from the printer, make sure your subscription is current. We promise you’ll be both amazed and inspired by this edition.

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Photo credits: Marc Arjol Rodriguez (Photo 1); Duncan Smith (Photos 2, 3, 4); Meisei Nishikawa (Photo 5); Natalie Starr (Photo 6); Donalrey Nieva (Photo 7); Kai Caddy (Photo 8)

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