Supple Under Pressure: Orondo Grade Stories

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Supple Under Pressure: Orondo Grade Stories

A while ago, we mentioned our new road tubeless Orondo Grade 700C x 31 mm tires to our friends at Above Category Cycles, the famous pro shop in Sausalito, California, in an email. Almost immediately, we got a message back: “Have been waiting for that type of tire from you. Can we try them?” So we sent them a few sets of the new tires as soon as they came out of the giant pressure cooker that vulcanizes the tires.

After trying the new Orondos, they were so stoked that they put two stories on their site: One is a review of the new tires by gravel pro Brennan Wertz (who is also an amazing road rider). The other is an interview with me about the back story of the Orondo Grades. You’ll find out why Brennan thinks the new tires are “incredible” after putting them through their paces for more than 1,000 km on wet, debris-covered roads. In the second story, you’ll join Jan as he talks about riding up and down 20% cobblestone hills when he tested the first prototypes.

Head to Above Category for the Orondo Grade stories…

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