The Unsung Heroes of Unbound

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The Unsung Heroes of Unbound

One thing that’s great about gravel racing is its inclusiveness. Where else can you line up with world-famous pros and ride the same course, under the same conditions, and be cheered by the same spectators (who cheer even more for those who push themselves just to finish the event)? We’ve talked about some of the fastest racers a few days ago… but we’re equally inspired by all the riders whose great stories are only now emerging from the Flint Hills of Kansas. Here are a few…

Hailey Moore doesn’t really need an introduction. She finished 39th in the women’s 200-mile event. We’re honored that a rider of her class, who could get free tires from any of the big makers, chose to spend her own money on a set of Rene Herse tires. She reported: “I’m really loving the Hurricane Ridge setup – they roll fast and corner really predictably. I had not tires issues or mechanicals at all!” Well done, Hailey!

Chauncey Wood had this to say after his ride in the 200-miler: “It was windy and hot and hard, but it was amazing. And I had ZERO mechanicals or food issues. I wanted to let you know that your products crushed it!” Thank you, Chauncey.

Jim Vreeland rode strongly in the 350-mile Unbound XL, before the heat got to him. This wasn’t his year, but we can be sure he’ll be back. He said: “That Kansas Gravel is sure something special, isn’t it?”

Whether it’s the wide-open landscape, the challenging terrain, or the friendly welcome of the locals: Everybody who has ridden in Unbound talks about it as an experience they won’t forget.

Photo credits: Andrew Ullman (Photos 1, 3, 5)

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