Awards for Rene Herse Tires and NUDA Pump

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Awards for Rene Herse Tires and NUDA Pump

Rene Herse tires have won many awards over the years, starting with the’s ‘Gear of the Year’ award and the Design and Innovation Award when the 29″ x 2.2″ Fleecer Ridge was first introduced. More recently, our 650B x 55 Umtanum Ridge won’s coveted ‘Recommended Tire 2022/2023’ award, and now the 700C x 55 Antelope Hill has repeated the honor for 2023/2024. The testers commented: “A monster 55 mm (2.2in) 700C slick tire that glides quickly and quietly over gravel tracks and tarmac. It grips tight, and the sidewalls are practically indestructible.”

In their 2024 Buyer’s Guide, rated our Switchback Hill the “Best 650B Road Bike Tire.” They wrote: “At just 412g per tire; the extralight casing is super supple and soaks up tarmac miles with no obvious penalty over something much, much narrower. Just be prepared for a few funny looks from your thin-tire counterparts as you keep up just fine.” Their summary: “Light. Fast. Comfortable.” has just crowned our 30 g NUDA “The best road mini pump for weight weenies.” They tested 16 pumps and commented: “Considering it is made entirely from carbon fibre and titanium, you might expect the Rene Herse NUDA to come with a crazy price tag to match the astonishing weight. Fortunately, thanks to an extremely simple design, this isn’t the case.” Their conclusion: “If you’re preparing for an FKT, or a bikepacking adventure where the grams really start to add up, this would be an excellent option.”

Thank you to all the reviewers who took the time to really test our products. It means a lot to us.

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