Back in Stock: Waterbottles, Musette Bags, MKS Pedals

Back in Stock: Waterbottles, Musette Bags, MKS Pedals

Keeping everything in the Rene Herse program in stock is a challenge during the best of times, and it’s been especially difficult during the pandemic. We’re always excited when a shipment comes in, and even more when we get several. After a long wait, our waterbottles and many other parts are back in stock.

We also received more of our popular musette bags. Made from ultralight Silnylon, they weigh just 25 g, yet they are large enough to carry three waterbottles. Great if you’re a domestique (or watercarrier, as these support racers used to be called)… 😉

For the rest of us, the musette bag is ideal for carrying a few baked goods and a drink when we’re out on a ride and stop at a bakery before a socially distant picnic in the countryside.

After the picnic, the bag folds up so small that you don’t even notice it in your jersey pocket or underseat bag.

We also received a shipment from MKS. The Allways is probably the best platform pedal you’ll find anywhere, with silky smooth bearings and a slightly concave surface that holds your foot in place. Also available in a Rinko travel version that allows removal without tools.

When I saw the RX-1 pedals being assembled by a technician with white gloves at the MKS factory, I knew that we had to add them to our program. If you ride with toeclips and straps, there is no better or more beautiful pedal in the world. Now back in stock…

Maware’s thin and soft leather bar tape is a personal favorite. We’ve got all colors again, except white. Just in time for my Urban Bike that desperately needs new bar tape after 13 years of hard use. (Shown above on my PBP bike, where it won’t need replacing anytime soon.)

From Nitto came the popular bar-end plugs that will never fall out…

… and the elegant bike stand.

With the exception of a few items – most notably some Nitto bottle cages and a few colors of Berthoud saddles – our entire program is back in stock. Click on the images for more information about each of the products shown.

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Comments (3)

  • Liam

    Can you do a bike check on your urban bike and/or a bq feature on wrapping handlebar tape?

    August 25, 2020 at 7:06 am
  • Derek

    Elegant bike stand…will it fall over if I use it for an ugly bike? Seriously though, how wide a hub can it take? I’m thinking about my tandems.

    August 26, 2020 at 5:45 am
    • Jan Heine

      The bike stand works like a spring to hold the rear triangle of the bike, so it works with a large range of rear spacings. You need something that protrudes from the dropouts on both sides, so the stand can grip it. A thru-axle won’t work. The stand also doesn’t work well with old-style Campagnolo quick releases that have a ‘D-ring’ on the nut. A round nut works better…

      August 26, 2020 at 7:07 am

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