Dedication to Details

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Dedication to Details

At Compass Bicycles, we tend to be a bit obsessive when it comes to our bicycles. “Good enough” usually is not good enough when we’re out on our bikes, and we apply the same exacting thoroughness to the components we sell. Take the Honjo fenders as an example:
When you buy Honjo fenders, you usually get a pre-packaged “kit” with bolts and hardware. Unfortunately, the eyebolts for connecting the stays to the fenders are 12 mm long, so they stick out a little over 4 mm beyond the nut into the inside of the fender (above right). Either you saw 4 mm off the eyebolts – be careful not to ruin the threads in the process! – or you risk having obstacles snag on the bolts that protrude 4 mm beyond their nuts.
Honjo actually makes 8 mm eyebolts (above left), but those are a special-order product and not available from their North American distributors. (Don’t ask me why!) To address this situation, we import the 8 mm bolts directly from Japan. When you buy your fenders from Compass Bicycles, we automatically replace the too-long eyebolts with the correct 8 mm bolts.
Getting the correct-length bolts is a bit of a hassle, and few people notice the difference, but that is beside the point. We don’t want our bikes to have protruding bolts inside the fenders, and neither should yours.

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