Overview of SON Generator Hubs

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Overview of SON Generator Hubs

When “Schmidt’s Originaler Nabendynamo” (SON) was introduced more than a decade ago, the choice was easy: There was only one model. Today, Schmidt offers three models of their revolutionary generator hubs. Here is what distinguishes them:
SON Delux:

  • Weight: 386 g.
  • Lightest generator hub available today.
  • Least resistance of all generator hubs.
  • Narrow flanges.
  • Aluminum axle, with stainless steel end caps to create a solid interface with the dropout.
  • Small generator, power output at low speeds is reduced.
  • Power is sufficient for running LED light system even at low speeds.

Choose the SON Delux if light weight is your utmost concern.
SON Delux Wide-Body:

  • Weight: 412 g.
  • Same generator as the Delux.
  • Wider flange spacing for a stronger front wheel.
  • Stainless steel axle.

Choose the SON Delux Wide-Body if you want the lowest resistance, but prefer the strength and aesthetics of wider flanges.

  • Weight: 440 g.
  • Stainless steel axle.
  • Larger generator.
  • More power at low and moderate speeds.
  • Higher resistance at low and moderate speeds.
  • Same resistance as Delux model at high speeds.

Use the SON28 if you plan to run other electronics (cell phone, GPS, etc.) and power your lights simultaneously while riding at moderate speeds.
The lower resistance of the Delux models is a benefit especially at low and moderate speeds. At high speeds, all current SON hubs have the same ultra-low resistance.
All SON hubs are available for the connector-less SL system.
All SON hubs feature the pressure-compensation system that prevents moisture from being sucked through the bearings when the hub cools down. This greatly increases the longevity of the bearings. (There is a lot of air in a generator hub, and when the hub cools, that air volume contracts. On all other hubs, the only way more air can enter the hub is through the bearings.) The 5-year warranty includes the bearings.
Click here for more information or to order your SON generator hub.
In other lighting news, we now stock a variety of light mounts for generator-powered headlights.
Further reading: The resistance of current generator hubs, Bicycle Quarterly Autumn 2012 (Vol. 11, No. 1).

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