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4 Dark Divide 300 FKT
32 Torino-Nice Rally (Donalrey Nieva)
48 Cape to Kenya (Sophie Potter)
76 Birth of the 700C Randonneuse (Heiko Strömer)
86 Refurbishing Copentipy’s René Herse (Gabriel Refait)
100 Skill: Parking Your Bike
104 Icon: Nitto Carbon Handlebars
94 Book Review: Jobst Brandt Ride Bike!
96 Book Review: Campagnolo Collection
97 Test: Chain Wax Club
98 Test: Met Trenta 3K Carbon Helmet
99 Test: Apidura Packable Visibility Vest
72 Suspension Losses and Tired Riders
102 Reader’s Forum

4 Paris-Brest-Paris 2023
33 PBP in 44 Hours (Robert Demilly)
38 René Herse Mysteries
45 A Unique René Herse Flyer
46 Rene Herse Frame in the Raw
50 Volcano High Pass SR600 (A. Brey, J. Nadeau, T. Turner)
86 Japan North to South (Futo Togashi)
104 Icon: Ad-Hoc Pump
66 Bike Test: Lauf Seigla
84 Why the Lauf Seigla is the Way it is (B. Skulason)
94 Wide vs Narrow Tires Through the Ages
92 A Custom Cyclotouring Bike for an 11-Year-Old Rider
98 Project: Airplane Rinko
102 Federico Bahamontès (1928-2023)

4 The Rift (Krysten Koehn)
20 Bike Climb Tour (Anton Krupicka)
38 Bikepacking the Estrada Real (Leonardo Brasil)
74 Japanese Camping Bikes
76 Alps Rover
80 Japanese Production Camping Bikes
84 Restoring a Bridgestone Diamond
90 History of Cycling Wear
100 Skill: Riding Light
104 Icon: Sidi Dominator Shoes
56 Bike Test: VAAST A/1
96 Test: SRAM Force XPLR and ZIPP 101 XPLR Wheels
99 Test: Grax Chain Lube
72 The Power Band of a Frame
102 Reader’s Forum

6 The Rhino Run (Abdullah Zeinab)
30 Benky’s Story
32 Shop Visit: Montson (Japan)
42 Exploring Arizona’s Sky Islands (Sarah Swallow)
82 Alex Singer Owners’ Meeting
92 Road Map to Paris-Brest-Paris, Part 6: Strategy
100 Skill: Fueling Your Adventure
104 Icon: Mephisto Rims
52 Test: Distance 45 Gravel Bike
98 Test: Roll Recover R8 Plus Massage Roller
99 Test: Enve Water Bottle Cage
99 Test Update: Enve 45 Wheelset
88 Are Gravel Bikes Slower Than Road Bikes?
4 R. Herse Framebuilding Parts
102 Reader’s Forum

4 News
6 Cyclotouring in Corsica (Gabriel Refait)
28 The Migration Gravel Race (Lael Wilcox)
42 Racing Across the Arkansas High Country
64 20 Years of BQ Research
72 Our Best Adventures
78 20 Years of Custom Bikes
82 Last Adventure Before the Snow
96 Road Map to Paris-Brest-Paris, Part 4 (Gregor Mahringer)
104 Our Favorite Products from 20 Years of BQ
106 Skill: Saving a Turn
110 BQ Icons

4 Ozark Gravel Doom FKT (Hailey Moore)
18 Challenge of Unbound XL (Mark Vande Kamp)
40 Into the Unknown (Unbound XL)
52 Climbing Volcanoes (Tenerife; Donalrey Nieva)
64 Winning the World’s in 1972
86 Landscapes Live Within Us (Krysten Koehn)
96 Sano Magic Mahogany Sportif (Meisei Nishikawa)
104 Road Map to Paris-Brest-Paris, Part 3 (Interview with Jean-Gualbert Faburel from the Audax Club Parisien
112 Icon: Campagnolo T-Wrench

70 Bike Test: Allied Echo
108 Test: Knight 35 TLA Carbon Wheels
109 Test: Jonny Cycles inSLators
110 Test: Wahoo Elemnt Bolt

30 Rene Herse Unbound XL Endurance Gravel Bike
39 Tubeless Tires More Fragile?

6 Lael Rides the Alaska Pipeline Trail (Lael Wilcox)
52 Romolo Stanco, Lateral Thinker of Italian Cycling
78 Road Map to Paris-Brest-Paris, Part 2: Riding Brevets
84 The 1890s Bike Revolution
100 Skill: Descending with Confidence (Natsuko Hirose)
104 Icon: Guidonnet Brake Levers

26 Test: Ritchey Ascent
98 Test: UnTapped Energy Waffle and Gel
99 Test: Kitsbow Rockstacker Merino Tights

64 How to Choose Gravel Tires
88 Project: Installing & Removing Tires
94 Project: How to Patch Tubes

4 Rene Herse Un-Rides
4 Seattle’s Urban Routes
5 Tire Pressure Calculator
102 Readers’ Forum

4 Riding Above the Clouds in Hawai’i (Donalrey Nieva)
40 Alps Cycle Friends (Japan)
48 Volcanoes, Cows and Black Gravel (Nicolas Joly)
64 Oregon Outback FKT
72 BQ Un-Meeting in California (Adem Rudin)
86 Road Map to Paris-Brest-Paris
104 Icon: Silca Pista Pump

14 Test: Mason InSearchOf
100 Test: Rapha Classic Bib Shorts
100 Test: Moosepacks Handlebar Bag
101 Test: Dumonde Tech Chain Lube
101 Test: Nana Carbon Minipump

80 Finding Your Tire Pressure
90 Project: Wrapping Leather Bar Tape
94 Project: Internal Lighting Wires

98 Cal Poly Pomona Cycling Research
98 Cascade Mountains Routes Archive

4 Return to the Oregon Outback
38 A Cyclotourist in Portugal (Rob van Driel)
52 The Sagebrush & Summits Adventure (Anton Krupicka)
104 Icon: René Herse Light Mount

66 Test: Pratt Cyclocross
98 Test: SRAM XPLR Gravel Group
100 Test: Roka CP-1x Sunglasses
101 Test: Hope RS4 Hub

32 Comparing Two Rene Herses: 26″ Oregon Outback vs 650B Paris-Brest-Paris
86 Headlight Resistance
92 Project: Mudflaps, Rear Fender Reinforcements, Reshaped Fender Edges

90 Maxwell Kullaway, 1970-2021
102 Readers’ Forum

6 Arizona’s Strade Ruby (Lael Wilcox)
52 Shop Visit: The New Berthoud (Nicolas Joly)
62 Unbound 2021 – Calculated Risk (Ted King)
78 Why I Love Passhunting (Natsuko Hirose)
94 Skill: Reading the Road Surface
104 Icon: Mavic 501 Hubs

18 Test: Fern Chuck Explorer
96 Test: Berthoud ‘Sans Decaleur’ Handlebar Bag
98 Test: Enve 45 Wheels
100 Test: SRM X-Power Pedals
101 Book Review: Vittoria!

72 Tire Test Summary
82 From Bikepacking to Racks (Louis Pitard)
86 Project: How to Install Metal Fenders

4 80th Anniversary Rene Herse Bikes
5 Bicycle Quarterly Un-Meeting
5 Rene Herse Umtanum Ridge 650B x 55 mm Tires
102 Readers’ Forum

4 Vermont Extra-Large (Karen Yung)
46 Shop Visit: Makino Cycle Factory (Japan)
74 Rethinking the Gravel Bike (Nicolas Joly)
96 Cycling in Wartime Paris
102 Critérium de Paris Technical Trials (1942)
110 Skill: Crash-Proofing
112 Icon: Huret Duopar Rear Derailleur

22 Test: Wake Robin Randonneur
108 Test: Shimano ES600 vs XTR Pedals
109 Test: Dromarti Touring Shoes

66 How Fast Are Knobby Tires?
84 Pneumatic Trail and Displacement Trail
90 MIN.D. vs Herse: Can a steel bike match a carbon racer’s performance?

8 Lael in the Cascades
56 Hidetaka Hirose, 1942-2020
72 Tour de Vercors (N. Joly)
80 Frenchbuilt Design Study (D. Abramson)
86 René Herse Pursuit Bike
104 Icon: Barra Integrated Seatmast

26 Test: OPEN MIN.D.
98 Velocio Luxe Bib Shorts
99 Silca Pump Rebuild Kit

46 How Fast is the MIN.D.
100 Aerodynamics of Wide Tires
102 Are Latex Tubes Faster?

4 Humptulips Ridge Tires, Rene Herse Stem, Nivex Derailleur
6 BQ Photo Contest

6 Riding in Oman (Karen Yung)
48 French Divide 2020: Interview with Sofiane Sehili
60 Natsuko’s Alps: Cyclotouring Bike and Passhunter in One
88 Shop Visit: Steve Rex
98 Raymond Henry, 1944-2020
102 Vélocio: Founder of the Cyclotouring Movement
104 Icon: René Herse Low-Rider Rack

18 Test: Belladonna All-Road

70 Testing Tires: How Fast Do They Roll
78 How We Tested Tires
82 A Comparison of Different Tire Testing Methods

4 Narrow Bars, One-By Cranks
5 New Book: The All-Road Bike Revolution

6 Exploring Every Road in Alaska (Lael Wilcox)
24 Atlas Mountain Race and Covid-19 in Morocco (Peter Gaskill)
40 Finding Drunken Charlie Lake (Natsuko Hirose)
56 Shop Visit: Fern Bikes
72 Shop Visit: Gramm Tourpacking
76 Can I reach Humptulips Ridge?
86 Shop Visit: R T Jansen (David Cain)
92 A Firefly for Jo (Jo Stanton & Jonah Jones)
104 Icon: TA Bottle Cage

50 A New Life for a Lyon
98 Project: Replacing a Saddle Top
100 Project: Flush Cable Ends

4 Bicycle Quarterly Un-Meeting
4 Guu-Watanabe Closes Shop
102 Reader’s Forum

8 Bikepacking in the Huascarán (Karen Yung)
44 Shop Visit: Seven Cycles
58 1952 René Herse Randonneuse
68 Riding the Oregon Cascades Volcanic Arc
76 Paulette Porthault; 1913-2019
84 Shop Visit: Kato Cycles (Japan)
90 Visiting René André (Stéphane Pennequin)
94 Cyclotouring with Topographic Maps (Natsuko Hirose)
98 Frank Berto (1929-2019)
100 Skill: Jumping Your Bike
104 Icon: Mafac Top 63 Brakes

26 Bike Test: Horse Cycles All Road Elite

88 Project: Fixing a Front Rack and Decaleur

4 Bicycle Quarterly Un-Meeting
6 Rene Herse Airplane Rinko Bag; FMB Tubular Tires
102 Reader’s Forum

4 The Mountains of Heaven (Lael Wilcox/Rue Kaladyte)
45 Cyclos Montagnards
46 A Visit to Peter Weigle
62 Traveling with Peter Weigle
66 The Japanese Odyssey (Eigo Shimojo/Craig Griffith)
78 The Alta Via dei Monti Liguri (Matt Surch/Nicolas Joly)
98 Sub-Zero Cycling (Jefferson Pritcher)
102 BQ Un-Meeting 2019 (Natsuko Hirose)
110 Readers’ Forum
128 Icon: Alex Singer Tandem Lug and Stem

22 Bike Test: Crust Lightning Bolt
88 Test: SRAM Red Hydro Disc
106 Book Reviews

29  Paris-Brest-Paris 2019
48  Jan’s Rene Herse Randonneuse
54  David’s Seven Evergreen All-Road Bike
55  Ryan’s Smeltzer Thee Gifford Adventure Bike
56  PBP is Not Only for Riders
62  Balkan Backroads
78  Ted King Interview
88  Shop Visit: Cherubim
118 Bruce Gordon: 1949-2019
124 Project: Convert Your Fork to a Flat-Keyed Headset Spacer
126 Skill: Cyclocross Dismount
128 Icon: Spirax Derailleur

4 Bike Tests: OPEN WI.DE. vs U.P.P.E.R.
104 Bike Test: Trek Checkpoint
114 First Ride: Trek Checkpoint for Smaller Riders

120 Supple Tires and Hookless Rims

6 Bikepacking in Eritrea
58 80 Years of Cycles Alex Singer
78 Shop Visit: Guu Watanabe Bags
86 Shop Visit: Brian Chapman Cycles
100 Skill: Balance Your Load
104 Icon: Campagnolo Super Record Derailleur

20 Bike Test: Calfee Bamboo to the Alpine Lakes
20 Test: Rotor Uno Hydraulic Shifting
44 Bike Test: Frances All-Road on Mount Tam

84 Toe Overlap: When it’s OK and when it’s not
96 Project: Matching your brake to your cantilever posts

4 News
102 Readers’ Forum

6 A Women’s All-Road Bike
26 Firefly in Nice
62 Paris-Brest-Paris: Why They Ride 1200 km
80 Shop Visit: Sanomagic Mahogany Bikes
90 Michael Barry; 1938-2018
96 Shop Visit: Kaisei Frame Tubing
102 Skill: When to Shift
112 Icon: Ducheron Epanoui Lugs

40 Bike Test: Salsa Warbird on Juniper Ridge
58 First Ride: BMC Alpenchallenge AMP Carbon E-Bike
108 Book Review: Queens of Pain
110 Product Tests: King Many Things Cages; RuthWorks Forky Legs Bags

4 News
104 Tire Sizing: A Mysterious Art

6 René Herse: Celebrating Eighty Years of Innovation (1938-2018)
34 Buying my Alps Passhunter – Entering the Mysterious World of Custom Bicycles
40 The Challenge of the Transcontinental Race
50 Barra Aluminum Bike: The Mad Genius of Cyclotouring Bikes
66 Firefly – Masters of Titanium
74 Harvest Ride in Connecticut
80 Roger Baumann, Randonneur and Cyclotourist: 1930-2018
86 Shop Visit: Idéale Saddles
94 Idéale, the History
98 Peter Weigle’s French Fender Day 2018
108 Skill: Spinning
112 Icon: Look Carbo Pro

8 First Ride: All-City Gorilla Monsoon
12 Bike Test: Overnight Adventure on the MAP All-Road
104 Product Tests: Tire and Chainstay Gauges; Tire Cleaner
106 Book Review: Japanese Steel

58 Q factor, Performance and Injury
96 Project: Reshaping Crankarms for All-Road Bikes

4 News
110 Readers’ Forum

6 Swift Compass Photo Contest
34 Solstice gravel ride around Mt. Hood
46 1980 René Herse with Campagnolo Super Record
54 Across the Mediterranean border on a tandem
66 Raymond Henry: cycling historian extraordinaire
74 Franck Stephan: a new generation of French collectors
78 Shop Visit: Ostrich Bags
84 Fun at the 2018 BQ Un-Meeting
92 Skill: Ghost Riding
96 Icon: TA ‘Adaptateur’

10 First Ride: Alter Cycle Reflex 300
14 Bike Test: Masi Speciale Randonneur and Frances Farfarer Trailer
91 Product Test: Leg Shield Ankle Bands

45 ‘One-By’ plus small chainring
60 New standards and traditional materials
82 Anatomy of a ‘Rinko’ Bike

4 News
94 Readers’ Forum

36 Passhunters: Japan’s Mountain Cycling Pioneers
64 Timewarp 1960s TOEI Cyclotouring Bike
66 The History of Shifting Gears
76 When Bar-End Shifters Took Over the Tour de France (1949)
80 Bikes of the 1949 Tour
82 Havnoonian: Framebuilder of Champions
92 Riding a Racing Bike across Yabitsu Pass
100 Pellos: Tour de France in Cartoons
109 Skill: Body English
112 Icon: René Herse Stem

6 Bike Test: 3T Exploro in Chihuahua
58 First Ride: Surly Midnight Special
106 Product Tests: Ideale 90 Saddle, Quoc Pham Gran Tourer Shoes

54 Developing the Passhunters
96 Project: Install a Front Rack

4 News
111 Readers’ Forum

6 Lyli Herse 1928 – 2018
22 Torino – Nice Gravel Rally
54 My First Mountain Bike Ride
86 Factory Visit: Davidson & Kullaway
102 Skill: Look Where You Go
104 Icon: Wonder Light

56 Jo Routens
78 The Evolution of ‘Allroad’ Bikes

34 Bike Test: Caletti Monstercross
76 First Ride: MASI Speciale Randonneur
98 Berthoud Bar-End Mirror
99 Crankbrothers Eggbeater 11 Pedals

94 Mount a Tire Tubeless

4 News
100 Reader’s Forum

10 To the Alps on a 1947 Tandem
58 Backroads of the Balkans
70 BQ Un-Meeting and Volcano High Pass Challenge
86 Across Japan’s Southern Alps in a Day
98 A Visit to Shimano
104 1984 Shimano Dura-Ace
108 Skill: Jumping a Curb
110 Icon: Daudon Toolkit

6 First Ride: Rawland Ulv
40 Bike Test: 333fab AirLandSea
76 Update: Two Years on the Firefly
80 Product Tests: Woven Precision Wheels, TRP Spyre Brakes, Ground Effect Wool Tights

37 Tandem Design à la René Herse
84 Wheel Size, Tire Width and Handling

4 News
107 Readers’ Forum

BQ 61 (Autumn 2017)

15th Anniversary Issue

The Perfect Mountain Pass
24 Fun at Paul Camp
26 Visit to Paul Component Engineering
30 Concours de Machines 2017
48 Gold: PechTregon
50 Bronze: Cyfac
54 The Bicycles at the Concours
57 Results of the Concours
58 Peter Weigle: The Long Road to the Concours de Machines
74 Silver: J. P. Weigle
80 Bikes, Builders, Philosophies
84 Spectators’ Bikes
86 Technical Trials from 1901 until Today
96 Pitard from the 1949 Concours de Machines
102 Alps – Pioneer of Rinko
122 Skill: Climb out of the saddle
124 Icon: Flite Saddle

20 First Ride: Steve Rex Monstercross
106 Bike Test: Chapman Light Tourer Di2

4 News
120 Readers’ Forum

Peter Weigle Goes to Japan
26 Peter Weigle: Pioneer of Handbuilt Bicycles
32 Cyclotourists Meet the Tour de France
54 Dalsland Runt: Gravel Riding in Sweden
82 A Visit to Gilles Berthoud
90 My First Solo Passhunt
106 Skill: Catching a Slide
108 Icon: Rivendell Road Lugs

28 First Ride: J.P. Weigle Randonneur
62 Bike Test: Boo SL-G100 Test Update: Specialized Diverge After 2 Years

4 Concours de Machines; BQ Un-Meeting; Leather Bar Tape; Kaisei Tubing
104 Readers’ Forum

28 Around Mt. Baker in One Day
46 Restoring a 1946 René Herse
52 Easter Ride in the Mexican Cordillera
64 A Visit to Schmidt Maschinenbau
84 Project: A Detachable Lower Front Fender
88 Skill: Stop Without a Foot Down
90 Icon: Giro Aerohead

8 Bike Test: Open U.P.
40 First Ride: Rossman 650B Randonneur
72 First Ride: Specialized Sequoia
78 Test: Specialized Sawtooth Tire
80 Test: Revelate Viscacha Saddlebag
81 Book Review: The Brooks Compendium of Cycling Culture

4 New Products: Rims, Decaleur, Rack
6 News: Volcano High Pass Challenge, BQ Un-Meeting
82 Daniel Provot, 1934-2017
86 Readers’ Forum

6 Otaki 100 km Mountain Bike Race
18 The Love of Cycling (France 1950s)
42 Peninsula Cyclotouring
54 Riding the Mule to the BQ Un-Meeting
62 Allroad Bikes in Steel, Titanium and Carbon
66 Bicycle Quarterly Un-Meeting 2016
84 Visiting the Panaracer Factory
94 Skill: Riding No-Hands
96 Icon: Fiamme Ergal Rims

26 Bike Test: Moots Routt to Bon Jon Pass and back
50 Test: Schwalbe Sammy Slick Tire
52 Test: Ortlieb Saddlebag
53 Test: Berthoud Cell Phone Pocket
53 Update: Lezyne Gauge Drive Pump
90 Book Reviews

70 Are Wider Tires Slower on Smooth Roads?
76 Performance is Important for Slow Riders, too!
80 “Frek”: A 650B Allroad Bike on a Budget

4 News: 650B tires
92 Readers’ Forum

10 Autumn Cyclotouring in Japan
28 Rebirth of the French Technical Trials
42 Cycles Victoire “Type Concours”
44 Cyfac “Concours de Machines”
46 1951 René Herse Randonneuse
66 John Fletcher and His 1937 Urago
76 A Mid-Winter Odyssey from San Diego to Florida
98 Icon: Radios No. 16 Headlight

6 First Ride: PechTregon Randonneuse Légère
50 Bike Test: Litespeed T5g Gravel Bike
92 Project: Emergency Mudflaps

84 The Speed of Enduro Allroad Bikes
91 Do Lighter Wheels Accelerate Faster?
96 Skill: Cornering with Confidence

4 Idéale Saddle, Compass 700C and 26″ Tires
94 Readers’ Forum

32 Morning Ride Across Mexico City
38 Suntour
54 Tokyo College of Cycle Design
58 Two Cyclotouring Trips to Hokkaido
78 1928 R.P.F. Tourisme Luxe
90 Skill: Braking
92 Icon: Tecla Bell

6 Bike Test: Firefly Enduro Allroad

30 Ex-Bontrager: Converting a Mountain Bike into an Enduro Allroad Machine
84 Chainline

4 News: WTB “Road Plus” tires; French Technical Trials
72 Brian Baylis, 1953-2016
76 Jean Olbrechts, 1924-2016
88 Readers’ Forum

6 Four Days of Cascade Cyclotouring
20 Cyclotouring Is About Discovery
22 Eroica California
38 The Tour Cyclotouriste du Mont Blanc 1957
44 Return to the Roads of my Youth
62 Visiting Three of Japan’s Amazing Collections
72 Misao Takigawa’s Favorite Pieces
78 Haiku Poets Flèche
92 Skill: Developing a Healthy Spin
94 Icon: Bianchi’s Celeste

30 Bike Test: MAP Urban Randonneur
54 First Ride: Giant TCR Advance
58 Test Update: Specialized Diverge Carbon Di2

88 Rim Widths for Wide Tires

4 News: BQ Un-Meeting, MKS Rinko Pedals
90 Readers’ Forum

6 Fatbiking to the Magic Bus
18 The Race to the Butter (Procuring food in occupied France)
20 Paris-Brest-Loudéac…and Loudéac-Paris
34 Jean Hoffmann: Randonneur to Racer and Back
57 The 2015 Bicycle Quarterly Un-Meeting
58 The Old Road to Houshi Onsen (cyclotouring during a typhoon)
94 Skill: Maintaining Grip on Wintry Roads
92 Icon: Clement Paris-Roubaix Tubular Tire

14 First Ride: Islabikes Beinn 26
40 Bike Test: Elephant National Forest Explorer
80 Test: Gevenalle Brake/Shift Levers
82 Test: Swift Industries Ozette Handlebar Bag
85 Test: Haulin’ Colin Porteur Rack
87 Update: Dromarti SPD Shoes
91 Update: 2 Years on the Islabikes Luath

68 How to Make a Rinko Bike
74 Low-Rider Rack Design
78 Other Rinko Systems
88 Metal Fender Installation

4 News: NAHBS Rando Shootout, Randonneur Handlebars, MAFAC Tool
92 Readers’ Forum

6 A Visit to C. S. Hirose
23 A Hirose for a Small Rider
56 To the End of the Road: A 24-Hour Camping Trip
72 The Cyclotouring Life (France, 1950s)
80 ALAN in a Timewarp
92 Icon: Bell Wingnut

16 First Ride: Hirose Mini-Velo
32 Bike Test: Specialized Diverge Carbon Di2
54 The Diverge as a Commuting Bike
64 The Diverge for Loaded Touring
82 Test: Specialized Flux Lights
85 Test: Rivet Independence Saddle

50 How Fast is the Diverge?
53 Planing and the Limits of Bicycle Performance
66 Touring on a High-Performance Bike
68 Are Disc Brakes Mature Technology?
90 Skill: Cyclocross Remounts

4 News: Cannondale 650B Allroad Bike, Compass Knickers
26 Jobst Brandt, 1935–2015
88 Readers’ Forum

30 In Search of Mountain Goats
38 Riding at Night (Vélocio)
42 Racing in Communist East Germany
70 A Visit to TOEI
82 Bicycle Shop Gen
94 Icon: Shimano M737 Pedal

4 First Ride: Lynskey Urbanskey with 2015 Campagnolo Chorus
12 Bike Test: Breadwinner B-Road
58 The Urban Bike after Seven Years
86 Test: MKS Rinko Pedals
89 Test: Bont Vaypor XC Shoes

66 Cyclocross on a Randonneur Bike
84 Toe Overlap: How to Avoid It
92 Skill: Riding Through Narrow Gaps

10 Jean Fouace, 1933 – 2015
90 Readers’ Forum

42 Over the Pennine Fells
50 Touring Hokkaido
68 Nihon Alps 600 km Super Randonn&ée
92 Icon: Jo Routens Fork Crown

10 First Ride: Soma Wolverine
14 Bike Test: Jeff Jones 29er
82 Test: Soma Cazadero Tires
85 Test: Velogical Rim Generator

36 The Enduro Allroad Bike
41 Making Prototype Tires
64 The Mule as a Rinko Bike
78 The Mule against the Clock
81 Thicker Down Tube Walls
86 Drilling a Stem for a Brake Cable
72 Skill: Trackstand

4 News: Tires, Oregon Outback, BQ Un-Meeting
6 Jack Taylor, 1919 – 2014
88 Readers’ Forum

12 Cycling to the Land of the Gods (India)
42 The Orient Chainless Waltham (1899)
46 The First Paris Brest-Paris (1891)
51 Michelin’s First Pneumatic Tires
68 A Visit to Nitto
76 Mauna Kea on a 90% Bike
96 A Brief History of Handlebar Bags
108 Icon: JOS 431C Headlight

6 Book Reviews: Goggles & Dust; TOEI
22 Bike Test: J. P. Weigle 650B Randonneuse
98 Test: VAR Bike Repair Hooks
99 Test: Orwi Merino Wool Jersey
56 Test: Dromarti Sportivo SPD Shoes

36 Eleven Memorable Test Bikes
88 My Ultimate Bike After 3 Years
102 Replacing a Rim on Your Wheel
72 Skill: Countersteering

4 News: Centerpull Brakes, Classic Panniers, Calendar
8 Gilbert Bulté, 1921 – 2014
104 Readers’ Forum

BQ 49 (Autumn 2014)

Vol. 13, No. 1
BQ 49 Cover

10 Bike-Packing the Oregon Outback
14 Oregon Outback: The Quest for the Perfect Gravel Bike
42 A Day in Tokyo
44 A Visit to Honjo
52 The Magic Brooks Saddle: A Visit to the René Herse Shop in 1975
58 650B – Renaissance of a Wheel Size
74 Icon: Huret Jubilee Derailleur

6 First Ride: Toussaint Velo Routier
26 Bike Test: Ritchey Swiss Cross
54 Test: SRAM CX1 1×11 Group
56 Test: Lezyne Gauge Drive Pumps

66 The Dangers of Fenders
72 Skill: Carrying Your Bike

48 Junzo Kawai, Chairman of SunTour, 1922 – 2014
70 Readers’ Forum

BQ 48 (Summer 2014)

Vol. 12, No. 4
BQ 48 Cover

10 Touring in Japan: Chasing Cherry Blossoms over Mountain Passes
28 Iribe: Keirin Frames and Bottle Cages
30 Level Cycles: Witch-Wanding a Frame
35 Panaracer: Making Supple Tires
48 Tullio Campagnolo: The Visionary behind the Legend
74 Icon: Brooks B-17 Saddle

6 First Ride: Lynskey Ti 650B
23 First Ride: Grand Bois Easy Rinko 700
38 Bike Test: Bilenky Ti Tandem
67 Test: Campagnolo CX Carbon Cranks

25 Rinko: Packing a Bike for Travel
46 Tandem Geometry
72 Skill: Aero Tuck

70 Readers’ Forum

BQ 47 (Spring 2014)

Vol. 12, No. 3
BQ 47 Cover

16 Women in Randonneuring
28 Camille Daudon Randonneuse
68 Planning a Challenging Ride: How to Make a Schedule
74 Icon: Alex Singer Front Derailleur

6 First Ride: Soma Grand Randonneur
14 Book Reviews: Wheelmen, The Elite Bicycle
34 Bike Test: MAP S&P Randonneur on the Search for the Secret Pass
64 Test: HED Ardennes Plus 650B Wheelset
66 Test: Lezyne Carbon Road Drive Minipump
67 Test: Greenlite STP Shorts

54 What Makes a Tire Fast?
60 Optimizing Tire Tread
62 The Tire Pressure Revolution
72 Skill: Paceline Riding

10 News
12 George Gibbs, 1933-2013
70 Readers’ Forum

BQ 46 (Winter 2013)

Vol. 12, No. 2
BQ 46 Cover

16 Revisiting Cyclocross
22 Alan Cyclocross: A Classic in Action Today
36 West Coast Backroads: A European’s Adventure
44 Raid Pyrénéen 2.0
58 The Long Way Home (Jeremy Scott)
70 Icon: Reynolds 531

6 Bike Test: Islabikes Luath 700: A Real Bike for Kids
28 Test: LED Headlights
32 Test: FMB Super Mud Tubulars
33 Test: Challenge Strada Bianca Clincher Tires
34 Test: Velocity A23 650B Rims
35 Test: Ibex Wool Tights; Rapha Merino Base Layer

20 Getting Started in Cyclocross
62 Project: Lining Lugs
68 Skill: Relax and Let the Bike Find its Way

66 Readers’ Forum

BQ 45 (Autumn 2013)

Vol. 12, No. 1

6 Bike Test: Calfee Adventure 650B over 8 Mountain Passes
25 Book Review: Viennese Mechanics’ Bikes
62 Tests: TRP HY/RD Disc Brake, Schwalbe Superlight 650B Tube, Pacenti PL23 Rim Update

60 How It Works: Retrofriction and Power Shift

24 News
66 Readers’ Forum

BQ 44 (Summer 2013)

Vol. 11, No. 4
BQ 44 Cover

6 Cycling in Mexico
12 André Marcadier: From Aluminum Bicycles to Race Cars
18 Ca. 1950 Marcadier
20 Robert Lepertel (1924-2013)
22 Alex Moulton (1920-2013)
25 Ron Cooper (1932-2012)
66 Rims, Always Rims (1949)
70 Our Favorite Bikes: Resurrected 10-Speeds

26 Bike Tests: Volagi Liscio and Viaje
40 Test: Shimano CX75 Mechanical Disc Brake
50 Book Reviews: Everyday Bicycling, Rebour, Cycling Science
62 Test Updates: Pacenti Rims, Rapha Shorts, Hutchinson 650B Tires

42 Alternative Shifting Systems: Hub Gears; Downtube and Bar-End Shifters
58 What Makes Tires Hand-Glued?
64 How Rims Work

56 Readers’ Forum

BQ 43 (Spring 2013)

Vol. 11, No. 3
BQ 43 Cover

16 A Visit to FMB, Makers of Hand-Made Tubular Tires
46 Boggle Hole and Back – A Two-Day Dash to the Yorkshire Coast
62 Builders Speak: Mike Kone (Boulder Bicycles) on Superlight Frame Tubing
70 My Favorite Bike: Calfee Adventure

6 Bike Test: Coast Randonneur
24 Which Tire is Faster: Vittoria CX or Schwalbe Marathon?
66 Product Test: Leather Bar Tape, Blink / Steady Light, Tire Savers

22 Tire Performance on Smooth Roads
26 Tire Pressure and Performance
28 Tire Drop for Different Tires
30 Clinchers vs. Tubulars: Which Is Faster?
32 Wider is Faster – Up to What Point?
34 Tire Performance 101 – What Does It All Mean?
39 Width vs. Air Volume: How Much Difference a few Millimeters Make
42 Tire Tread – What Does it Do?
44 Choosing the Correct Tire Pressure

14 Readers’ Forum

BQ 42 (Winter 2012)

Vol. 11, No. 2
BQ 42 Cover

26 Speedwell – Pioneer of Titanium Bikes
30 1975 Speedwell Titanium
34 Squeezing in One More Ride
57 Bilenky and Engin Cycles: Two Philadelphia Builders
70 My Favorite Bike: Harvey Cycleworks

6 Bike Tests: Titanium Racing Bikes: Lynskey Helix; Seven Axiom SL
24 Test: Electronic Shifting: Campagnolo EPS vs. Shimano Di2
44 Integrated Shifting Systems from Shimano, SRAM and Campagnolo
66 Book Reviews
68 Pacenti PL23 Rims

50 How Ramped Chainrings Work

62 Readers’ Forum
16 News

BQ 41 (Autumn 2012)

Vol. 11, No. 1
BQ 41 Cover

18 The Cascade 1200
32 Bicycle Quarterly — The First 10 Years
36 What We Want and What We Ride
61 Lionel Brans: From Paris to Saigon (1949)
70 My Favorite Bike: Terraferma Fixed

6 Bike Test: J. Bryant Randonneuse
46 Generator Hubs For Performance Bicycles

51 The SON Pressure Compensation System
53 The Efficiency of Generator Hubs

14 Pacenti 650B Rims
15 Classic Bicycles Calendar
16 René Herse — The Book
66 Readers’ Forum

BQ 40 (Summer 2012)

Vol. 10, No. 4
BQ 40 Cover

16 Working Bikes in Florence
20 Legnano City Bike
22 Vernon Blake: Man of Many Talents
32 Vernon Blake’s Machine (1930)
35 My Ultimate Custom Bicycle (Part 3: Components)
70 My Favorite Bike: 1972 Schwinn Super Sport

6 Bike Test: Jeff Lyon’s L’Aveçaise 650B Racer
66 Book Reviews: In Pursuit of Stardom, Tomorrow We Ride

26 The Floating Chain (1919)
52 What Makes a Bike Fast?
54 Positions: Upright or Low?
56 Short-Reach Handlebars
58 How to Select Your Chainrings

64 Readers’ Forum

BQ 39 (Spring 2012)

Vol. 10, No. 3
BQ 39 Cover

6 The Classic Randonneur Bicycle — My First Encounter
16 Lennard Zinn’s Bikes for Tall Riders
24 A Randonneur Bike for a Tall Rider
34 Cycling in Hannibal’s Footsteps
43 An Xtracycle in 1947
52 The Nivex Derailleur (My Ultimate Custom Bicycle)
70 My Favorite Bike: Breezer

32 Book Reviews: Major Taylor, Furnace Creek 508 (RAAM), Yehuda Moon
44 Bike Test: Bilenky Cargo
61 Tests: Compass 26″ Tires, Hutchinson 650B Tires, Camelbak Bottle, WabiWoolens Jersey, Shimano PD-A600 Pedals

14 Designing Small 650B Bicycles

30 Compass Bicycles Purchases René Herse
31 Product News (Lights, Centerpull Brake Bosses)
60 Readers’ Forum
68 Comments: ‘Changing Philosophies in Randonneuring’

BQ 38 (Winter 2011)

Vol. 10, No. 2
BQ 38 Cover

4 The 2011 Oregon Manifest
13 Building John Cutter’s Bike for the Manifest
20 Riding the Raid Pyrénéen
56 The History of Randonneuring, Part 4
62 Changing Philosophies in Randonneuring
70 My Favorite Bike: 1970s Bertin


17 Book Review: Italian Racing Bikes
34 Bike Test: Herbie Helm Classic Racer
66 Tests: Loyal Designs Handlebar Bag, Grand Bois Stem and Decaleur, Vittoria “1976” Shoes, Laplander Tool Apron


42 An Overview of Frame Geometry
50 Measuring Frame Geometry from Photos


18 Readers’ Forum

BQ 37 (Autumn 2011)

Vol. 10, No. 1
BQ 37 Cover

4 George Retseck’s Illustrations
35 And Extra-Ordinary High-Wheeling Adventure
48 My Ultimate Custom Bicycle
58 A Day Out in the Yorkshire Dales
70 My Favorite Bike: Family Tandem

16 Bike Test: Calfee Adventure
44 Test: Eebrake
46 Test: Velo-Orange Gran Cru Dual-Pivot Brakes

29 Testing Brakes
33 Trouble-Shooting Brakes

10 Obituary: Val Kleitz 1960-2011
13 News: SON 28 Generator Hub
14 Readers’ Forum

BQ 36 (Summer 2011)

Vol. 9, No. 4
BQ 36 Cover

4 Collecting Roads
9 Finding the Old Roads
36 Builders Speak: Peter Weigle on Shaving Tires for Better Performance
48 The Story of a Tandem: René Herse #201
70 My Favorite Bike: Pacific Reach

16 Bike Test: Ellis 700C Randonneur
44 Test: Keen Austin spd-compatible shoes

10 Do Larger Wheels Roll Faster? The First Carefully Controlled Study that Measures Power Output with Various Wheel Sizes
26 How We Test Bicycles
32 Measuring a Bike’s Geometry
68 Experiments with Shimmy

42 News
46 Readers’ Forum

BQ 35 (Spring 2011)

Vol. 9, No. 3
BQ 35 Cover

4 Week-End Adventure in the Cascades
14 Mel Pinto : Importer of Fine Bicycles
22 Everyday Cyclists in San Luis Obispo
31 Can we “Copenhagenize” North American Cities?
32 Project: Do-It-Yourself Porteur Rack
55 The History of Randonneuring , Part 3: Post-War Boom, 1950s Decline and the End of Competition
70 My Favorite Bike: Stealth Bike

29 Book Review: Alex Singer
30 Book Review: Copenhagen: City of Bicycles
34 Bike Test: Pereira Gent’s Bike
42 Bike Test: Surly Big Dummy
64 Test: Velo-Orange Grand Cru 50.4 bcd Cranks
66 Test: Lumotec Lyt Headlight, Seculite Taillight
67 Tests: Rapha Bib Shorts; Joneswares Merino Shorts; Carbon Comfort Saddle
68 Tests: Green Oil Chain Lubricant; Electra Ticino Platform/SPD Pedals

41 Disc Brakes Done Well
47 Xtracycle vs. Cargo Bike
50 Frame Stiffness: The Balance of the Frame

28 Readers’ Forum

BQ 34 (Winter 2010)

Vol. 9, No. 2
BQ 34 Cover

4 Randonneuring in Post-War France
27 Reprint: A Good Night for a Run
60 Builders Speak: Peter Weigle on Custom Fender Installation
70 Our Favorite Bikes: 1983 Specialized Sequoia

18 Book Review: The Spring Classics
28 Bike Test: René Herse 650B Randonneur
36 Bike Test: Bilenky 650B Constructeur Tandem
62 Tests: Grand Bois Hubs and Rims, Shimano DH-3N80 Generator Hub
65 Test: Generator-Powered LED headlights

33 What is Planing?
44 Balancing and Cornering on a Bicycle
48 The Origins of Cyclotouring Geometries
53 What Causes Shimmy?
55 What is in a Frame Tube?
56 Project: Mounting Metal Fenders
69 Gyroscopic Forces

20 News
22 Jean Desbois, Framebuilder for René Herse, 1924-2010
24 Readers’ Forum

BQ 33 (Autumn 2010)

Vol. 9, No. 1
BQ 33 Cover

4 Builders Speak: Bruce Gordon on Making a Ti-Lugged Carbon Show Bike
17 Reprint: The Moulton — Bike of the Future? (Le Cycle 1962)
32 Classic Bikes: Ca. 1910 Dursley Pedersen
44 The History of Randonneuring, Part 2: 1930s — Diagonals and the German Occupation
52 Competing in the Concours des Pyrénées Technical Trials (Le Cycliste 1935)
63 In the Press: Wider Tires, Lower Pressures (
70 My Favorite Bike: Michael Wolfe’s Bacchetta Aero Recumbent

18 Bike Test: Moulton New Series
20 Book Review: Alex Moulton’s Autobiography
31 Book Review: Mr. Pedersen — Man of Genius
36 Bike Test: MAP 650B Randonneur Project
60: Tests: Origin 8 Cantilever Brakes ; Kool-Stop “Mafac Replacement” Brake Pads; Gore Bike Wear Bib Tights; Pacenti Pari-Moto 650B x 38mm Tires

24 The Promise of Unconventional Bicycles
66 Derailleurs and Speed (Tour de France)
69 The Resistance of Shimano Alfine Hubs

65 Obituary: Neville March
68 Readers’ Forum

BQ 32 (Summer 2010)

Vol. 8, No. 4
BQ 32 Cover

4 Travel: Cycling Adventures on the Indian Subcontinent
12 Obituary: Bill Hurlow, 1921-2010
14 Obituary: Phil Wood, 1926-2010
16 Classic Bikes: Colnago’s Small-Wheeler
34 Frans Pauwels, Founding Father of Portland Bicycle Racing
40 Training Advice (1939): How to Become a Bicycle Racer
70 My Favorite Bike: Bob Daniel’s 1961 Ideor Professional


18 Bike Test: Trek Madone 5.2
22 Bike Test: Pegoretti Love 3
28 Bike Test: Redline Conquest 20
33 Tests: Tires for Small Wheels from Terry and Schwalbe
61 Book Reviews: Fixed, 1904
64 Tests: Iribe Bottle Cage; Paul Racer M brakes; Woolistic Superlight Jersey; SKF Bottom Bracket (update)
66 Test Upate: Civia Hyland

31 A Bike for a Bigger Child
33 Everyday Bikes for Children
44 Are Modern Bikes Faster?
56 In the Press: Another Study of Bicycle Performance
58 Unraveling the Mystery of 1920s Geometries

15 Events: Ken Taylor at Seattle Bike Expo
68 Readers’ Forum 

BQ 31 (Spring 2010)

Vol. 8, No. 3
BQ 31 Cover

4 Obituary: Ernest Csuka, 1928-2009
10 1954 Alex Singer Randonneur
25 Reprint: Filming a Prize Winner (1947)
54 The History of Randonneuring , Part 1: Vélocio, the Audax and Paris-Brest-Paris
61 Côte d’Azur Rapide: 506km in 24:30 hours (1908)
64 Randonneuring Basics: Riding at Night
70 My Favorite Bike: Beth Hamon’s Rivendell

22 Book Review: Foale: Motorcycle Handling
32 Bike Test: Terraferma 650B Super Randonneur
40 Bike Test: Civia Hylands
46 Bike Test: Electra Ticino 20D
48 Test: Electra Ticino Components
53 Tests: Velocity Synergy Rim, Woolistic Shirt

14 Wheel Size and Bicycle Handling
19 Gyroscopic Forces and Optimum Wheel Sizes
24 Crosswind Behavior and Tire Slip
43 Why Cable-Operated Disc Brakes Don’t Work Well
67 Blinding Headlights — a Problem?

28 Readers’ Forum
31 News

BQ 30 (Winter 2009)

Vol. 8, No. 2
BQ 30 Cover

4 Travel: Five Friends in Norway
16 The Oregon Manifest Technical Trials
22 Interview: Tony Pereira on his Winning Bike from the Trials
26 Judging the 1930s Technical Trials
30 Paul Charrel, Constructeur and Cyclotourist
70 My Favorite Bike: 2008 Gängl

40 Bike Test: Boxer 650B Randonneur
48 Bike Test: Box Dog Pelican
60 Tests: Pass-and-Stow Front Rack; Lumotec IQ Cyo R LED headlight; Velo-Orange Retro Bottle Cage
62 Tests: Bags from Acorn and Zimbale
65 Tests: Wool Clothing from Ibex and Patagonia
66 Test: Gore Bike Wear Oxygen Jacket

28 Builders Speak: Peter Weigle on Classic Designs
56 Cornering on a Constant Radius
58 Visualizing Wheel Flop

12 Readers’ Forum
14 News
15 New Products
69 Our bikes

BQ 29 (Autumn 2009)

Vol. 8, No. 1
BQ 29 Cover

18 The Bicycles for Paris-Roubaix: Can technology conquer the “Hell of the North”?
22 1890s LuMiNum: A race-worthy aluminum bike with a cast aluminum frame
26 Interview with Jacquie Phelan, 3-times NORBA champion and queen of the WOMBATS
36 Interview with Charlie Cunningham, mountain bike pioneer
70 My Favorite Bike: 1962 Altenburger Cinelli

50 Test: Surly Long-Haul Trucker
62 Test: Breezer Finesse


6 Comfort Equals Speed: Quantifying suspension losses
8 Minimizing Suspension Losses: Equipment that makes you faster and more comfortable
14 A Sunday Morning in Hell: Measuring suspension losses
17 Data Analysis: How we measured suspension losses

4 Readers’ Forum
68 Our bikes

BQ 28 (Summer 2009)

Vol. 7, No. 4
BQ 28 Cover

16 Interview with Jack, Peggy and Ken Taylor of Jack Taylor Cycles
43 Daniel Rebour’s Technique
44 Riding a 1983 Jack Taylor Tandem
49 Choosing a Builder for Your Next Bike
58 The Case Against the All-Out Custom Bicycle
74 My Favorite Bike: Waterford 650B

5 Book Reviews: Custom Bicycles; Dancing Chain; Lightweight Catalogues Vol. III
56 Test: Toei Randonneur
62 Test: Tout Terrain Silkroad
70 Tests: Lumotec IQ Cyo LED Headlight; SKF Bottom Bracket; Schwalbe Marathon 650B Tire

10 Frame Stiffness and Pedal Stroke
13 Misleading “Indicators” of Stiffness
14 Planing and Oversize Tubing
15 Measuring Frame Stiffness

8 Readers’ Forum
9 Events: Cirque du Cyclisme; Oregon Constructors’ Design Challenge; Cyclos Montagnards

BQ 27 (Spring 2009)

Vol. 7, No. 3
BQ 27 Cover

8 Destination: Bisbee Bicycle Brothel
16 1960 René Herse Fédéral
26 Cyclotouring during the 1930s
27 How I met Vélocio (1927)
28 The Groupe Montagnard Parisien
29 The French Diagonals
33 Brest-Menton in 1930
42 The Technical Trials
46 The Popular Front
50 Paris on Wheels in the 1940s
52 Randonneuring Basics: Nutrition
62 My Favorite Bike: 1978 Raleigh

4 Book Review: The Birth of Dirt
10 Test: Boulder Bicycle Randonneur
55 Test: Gilles Berthoud Saddle
56 Test Updates: Saddle Pedals, Freewheel, Clothing

5 Correction: Campagnolo Delta Brake
6 Schulz Brake Contest: Solution
22 Builders Speak: Fork Blade Raking Mandrel
58 Proposal: Electronic Half-Step Shifting

8 Readers’ Forum
61 Web Resource: Amazing Bicycles from the Late 1930s

BQ 26 (Winter 2008)

Vol. 7, No. 2
BQ 26 Cover

8 A Bicycle Tour along the Baltic in 1991
15 The Story of Bicycle Brakes
16 Developing the Caliper Brake — More Braking Power by Clamping the Rim
18 Cantilever Brakes — Moving the Pivot to Overcome Brake Flex
28 Centerpull Brakes — Optimizing the Cantilever Brake
34 Modern Racing Brakes — From Sidepull Resurgence to Dual Pivot Brakes
38 Brakes for Fat Tires — V-Brakes, Disc Brakes and Long-Reach Dual Pivots
42 Brake Levers — From Simple Levers to Integrated Control Centers
64 Handlebars for Long-Distance Riding
70 My Favorite Bike: Xtracycle

4 Book Review: A Dog in a Hat
5 Book Review: Smart Move
6 Book Review: Campagnolo — 75 Years of Cycling Passion
49 Test: Kool-Stop Pads for Mafac Brakes
49 Test: Bikesmith Designs Crank Cotter Press
50 Test: Medium-Reach Dual-Pivot Brakes from Cane Creek and IRD/Tektro
52 Bike Test: Lyonsport Randonneur
58 Bike Test: Frances Smallhaul Cargo Bike
68 Test: Grand Bois Handlebars

23 Cantilever Brakes and Mechanical Advantage
25 Brakes with Variable Mechanical Advantage
44 Optimizing Brake Performance
45 Braking the Right Way
46 Opinions on Brake Levers

BQ 25 (Autumn 2008)

Vol. 7, No. 1
BQ 25 Cover

4 Interview with Toei
10 Builders Speak: Ikuo Tsuchiya (Cycles Grand Bois)
14 Japan’s First René Herse
15 Destination: Jitensha Studio, Berkeley, CA
16 A Four-Day Bicycle Tour of Japan
43 Apocalypse or Utopia — A World without Cars
62 My Favorite Bike: 1976 Fuji Ace

22 Test: Rebolledo Randonneur
32 Test: Grand Bois Urban Bike
40 Test: Jack Taylor (Goëland) Trailer
44 Book Review: Paris-Brest-Paris 1891-2007
52 Test: Generator-Powered LED Headlights (Lumotec, Schmidt, Supernova)
58 Test: SON 20 R Generator Hub

30 Which Bike for Which Load?
30 What is an Urban Bicycle?
50 Randonneuring Basics: Testing Your Bike’s Aerodynamics
60 Project: Building a Custom LED Headlight

46 Readers’ Forum
48 Obituaries: Bernard Déon, Ian Hibell, Norman Taylor
51 Web Resources: Ian Hibell’s Photos 

BQ 24 (Summer 2008)

Vol. 6, No. 4
BQ 24 Cover

26 Nicola Barra — Pioneer of Aluminum Bikes
36 Travel: Interval Training in Chile
62 Destination: Classic Cycle, Bainbridge Island, WA


4 Test: Crumpton Carbon Randonneur
17 Film Review: Richard Sachs — Imperfection is Perfection
50 Test: Handlebar Bags
54 Test: Wide High-Performance Clincher Tires


18 How to Make a Lightweight Bicycle
24 How Much Faster Are Lighter Bikes?
32 Builders Speak: Nicola Barra on Aluminum Frames (1939)
33 An Engineer’s Perspective on Aluminum Frames (1939)
34 The Other Side of the Mountain: Does a heavy rider make up on the descents what they lose on the uphills?
42 Double-Blind Test Confirms that frame Flex Matters (Planing is Real)
48 Fine-Tuning the Planing of a Bicycle
60 Designing Frames for Wide Tires


12 Readers’ Forum
14 Obituary: Eugene A. Sloane
49 Web Resources: Weight Weenies

BQ 23 (Spring 2008)

Vol. 6, No. 3
BQ 23 Cover

1 Comfort: A Key Factor Toward Speed
4 Showtime: Report from the North American Handmade Bicycle Show
10 The Chainless Hill-Climber Bicycle Rides Again
15 Still At It After All These Years: Revolutionary Drivetrains Today
16 Readers’ Forum
18 Obituary: Sheldon Brown, 1944-2008
19 Web Resources:
20 Project: Making a Custom Lighting System
23 Why Harder Tires Feel Faster
24 Measuring the Flex of Fork Blades
26 Fork Blades Optimized for Comfort and Speed
28 Book Reviews: Paris-Roubaix — A Journey Through Hell; The Archives of Cycling Science; Lightweight Cycle Catalogues Volume II
30 Old New Ideas: 1930s Vélostable Recumbent
34 Fall Colors in the Cascade Mountains
39 Test: Coho Randonneuse
43 Top Tubes, Planing and Shimmy
44 Curing Shimmy on a Bike
45 The Aerodynamics of Drafting and of Different Bike/Rider Types
48 Test: Clothing for Everyday Riding
49 Make Your Own Shpants Suit!
50 My Favorite Bike: Alex Wetmore’s 2007 IvyCycles

BQ 22 (Winter 2007)

Vol. 6, No. 2
BQ 22 Cover

This edition is out of print.

1 The Great European Tour of 1963
4 Readers’ Forum
5 Traction Avant: TA’s Front-Wheel Drive Bicycle
6 Web Resources
7 Destinations: Madonna del Ghisallo, Magreglio, Italy
8 Project: Making an Alex Singer Bottom Bracket
15 Book Reviews: Le Guidon et la Plume; Fred Matheny’s Complete Book of Road Bike Training
16 The End of an Era: The Last “Modern” Alex Singer (1985)
19 A Survey of the Equipment in Paris-Brest-Paris 2007
25 Jan’s Bike for PBP 2007
26 A Bicycle For Paris-Brest-Paris 2007 (C. Zider)
28 Test: Pereira Randonneuse
34 Test: Curt Goodrich Randonneur
37 Making a Chainrest Work
40 The Ultimate Bike in 1998 vs. 2007
41 First and Still the Best: Stronglight 49D and TA Pro 5 vis Cranks
44 How Wide is the Tread (Q Factor) of Your Cranks?
46 Product Tests: Danolite XP Helmet Light; Rainlegs; Shimano PD-A520 Touring Pedals
48 How This 4-Year-Old Learned to Ride a Bicycle
49 No Training Wheels!
50 My Favorite Bike: Camille Pradères’s 1950s Pitard

BQ 21 (Autumn 2007)

Vol. 6, No. 1
BQ 21 Cover

1 The Aerodynamics of Real-World Bicycles
4 Readers’ Forum
6 Web Resources
7 Destinations: Elliott Bay Bicycles, Seattle, WA
8 Spécialités TA: 60 Years of Innovation
15 How it Works: Campagnolo Paris-Roubaix Shifter
24 Paris-Brest-Paris 1966: 44 Hours of an Extraordinary Marathon
31 Riding an Original 1865 Pierre Michaux Boneshaker
34 Test: Bilenky 650B Randonneur
37 Friction Shifting with Modern Shimano Derailleurs
40 Test: Velo-Orange Randonneur
44 Bicycle Fit and Standover Clearance
46 Equipment Tests : Clothing not only for Randonneurs (Ibex wool tights, Woolistic shorts, Gore Bike Wear jacket)
48 Product Test Update: Brooks Team Professional Titanium Saddle
48 Test: 622 x 28mm (700C) Tires from Schwalbe (Marathon Racer), Avocet (Fasgrip Duro) and Grand Bois (Cerf)
50 My Favorite Bike: Toni Theilmeier’s 1948 Thanet Silverlight

BQ 20 (Summer 2007)

Vol. 5, No. 4
BQ 20 Cover

This edition is out of print.

1 The British Lightweights
4 Readers’ Forum
6 Web Resources
7 Destinations: Musée Auto-Moto, Château de Bosc, Provence, France
8 The 3rd North American Handmade Bicycle Show
10 Engineering a Bicycle
14 Product Tests : Reproduction Campagnolo Brake Lever Hoods, Update on IRD Freewheels
16 Book Reviews: Velo Vision Magazine, Self-Massage, Thanet Cycles, V-CC
21 1951 Flying Scot International
22 1953 Claud Butler Jubilee
23 1957 Maclean Eclipse
24 A Kaleidoscope of British “Unorthodox” Frames
26 Builders Speak: Peter Weigle on Building Women’s Frames
29 Optimizing Your Tire Pressure for Your Weight
30 Test: 1957 Cinelli Supercorsa — Going Strong on its 50th Anniversary
34 Test: Terraferma Race — Catch Me If You Can!
37 Getting in Sync With a Bike: Planing and How It Works
38 Hetchins — Vibrant Stays and Ornate Lugs
43 Lake Pepin 3-Speed Tour: A Timeless Cycling Adventure
46 Randonneuring Basics , Part 6: Group Riding and Pacelines
48 Six Words of French
49 Avoiding the Crowds During Paris-Brest-Paris
50 My Favorite Bike: Bob Freeman’s mid-1930s F. H. Grubb

BQ 19 (Spring 2007)

Vol. 5, No. 3
BQ 19 Cover

This edition is out of print.

1 Bicycles Are Transportation
4 Readers’ Forum
6 Web Resources
7 Destinations: Musée d’Art et Industrie, Saint-Etienne, France
8 Project: Re-Raking a Fork to Improve a Bicycle’s Handling
10 The “Championnat des Porteurs Parisiens” (Paris Newspaper Courier Championships)
11 Interview with Pierre Vitupier, Champion of the Porteurs 1953
14 Jean-Pierre Pradères’ 1947 Alex Singer City Bike
16 Book Review: “Cycling’s Golden Age — The Horton Collection”
18 Testing the Performance of Tires, Part 2
20 The Accuracy of Tire Tests: A Statistical Analysis
21 In the Press: How to Make Your Bicycle Faster (Ceramic Bearings Provide Negligible Performance Benefits)
22 Tire Test: Vittoria Open Corsa Evo CX 700C x 25mm
23 Builders Speak: Bob Brown Makes a Stainless Steel Frame
25 What Makes a Good Commuting Bike?
26 Test: Breezer Uptown 8 — A Completely Equipped City Bike
30 Test: Jamis Commuter 3.0 — Spec’d to a Price
32 Limitations of Long-Reach Brakes
33 Test: Ant “Basket Bike”
36 A British “Butcher Bike”
37 Optimizing Bicycles for Carrying Heavy Loads
41 Stiff and Durable Racks for Carrying Heavy Loads
42 How to Design a Well-Handling Bicycle
48 Randonneuring Basics, Part 5: Efficient Riding
50 My Favorite Bike: Liza Mattana’s City Bike

BQ 18 (Winter 2006)

Vol. 5, No. 2
BQ 18 Cover

This edition is out of print.

1 Vélocio vs. the Tour de France
4 Readers’ Forum
6 Web Resources
7 Destinations: Il Vecchio Bicycles, Seattle, WA
8 L’Eroica: Ride of the Heroes
10 Project: Mounting Metal Fenders
12 That was my Cycling Baptism
14 1950 René Herse Fixed-Gear Winter Training Bike
17 Book Review: “The Six-Day Bicycle Races” by Peter Nye
18 Book Review: “The Recumbent Bicycle” by Gunnar Fehlau
20 Book Review: “Vélocio” by Raymond Henry
30 Optimizing Headlights with Generator Hubs
31 Headlight Placement for Optimizing Beam Length
33 Modifying an E6 Headlight for Upside-Down Mounting
34 Test: Kogswell Porteur/Randonneur — A Versatile Bike
38 Builders Speak: Tom Kellogg (Spectrum) on a Special Bike
41 Test: IRD “Defiant” Freewheels
42 Test: Brooks “Team Professional Titanium” Saddle
43 Test: Grand Bois “Cyprès Green Label” Tires 650B and 700C
44 Test: Lightweight Rain Jackets from Patagonia and Gore Bike Wear
46 Randonneuring Basics, Part 4: Training for Long-Distance Events
45 Training Tools from Stopwatches to Coaches
46 Why Slow Riders Have to Work Harder than Fast Ones
50 My Favorite Bike: Will De Rosset’s Alex Singer Randonneur

BQ 17 (Autumn 2006)

Vol. 5, No. 1
BQ 17 Cover

This edition is out of print.

1 The Performance of Tires (Rolling Resistance Tests)
4 Readers’ Forum
6 Web Resources
8 Project: Overhauling a Huret Jubilee Rear Derailleur
10 Reyhand: Constructeur D’Avant-Garde
16 Comfort and Speed: The History of Hand-Made 650B Tires
18 Impressions?… No, Memories of the 3rd “Grand Prix Duraluminum” Technical Trials
20 Destinations: I’s Bicycle, Kyoto, Japan
21 Builders Speak: Jean Desbois (Cycles René Herse) on Making Stems
28 The Physics of Rolling Resistance
30 Test: Tournesol 650B Sportif Titanium — Road Bike of the Future?
34 Rim Brakes and Overheating Tires
35 Test: Velo-Orange Decaleurs (handlebar bag quick releases)
37 Test: 650B Tires
39 Other Experiences with 650B Tires
40 Test: 700C Racing Tires from Continental, Deda Tre and Michelin
42 Randonneuring Basics: How to Make Your Bike Faster
45 Challenges Other Than Speed
46 My Favorite Bike: Alistair Spence’s Rivendell LongLow Porteur

BQ 16 (Summer 2006)

Vol. 4, No. 4
BQ 16 Cover

1 Peter Rich: A Pioneer of American Road Racing
4 Readers’ Forum
5 Book Review: Lightweight Cycles Catalogues Volume I
5 Web Resources:
6 Book Review: “Flying Scotsman” by Graeme Obree
7 Project: Overhauling a 1920s Hirondelle Retro-Directe
8 Riding with Classic Derailleurs — Part 2: Racing Derailleurs
23 Eric Svoboda’s Mystery Randonneur Bike
26 To Restore or Not to Restore — That is the (Often Difficult) Question
28 Respecting the Maker’s Vision
29 Randonneuring Basics, Part 2: Enjoying the Scenery
30 Spring-Time Adventure in the Cascade Mountains
32 Builders Speak: Mark Nobilette on Making Custom Lugs
34 Test: Ebisu All-Purpose — All Details Considered
38 Test: Trek 2100C — Suspension for Comfort and Speed
42 Frame Flex: Does it Matter?
44 Frame Flex and “Planing”
45 Confessions of a Lapsed Skeptic on Planing
45 Test: Soma Crystal Waterbottle
46 My Favorite Bike: Max Cauthorn’s “Bill” by Hara

BQ 15 (Spring 2006)

Vol. 4, No. 3
BQ 15 Cover

This edition is out of print.

1 How I Won the 1930 Tour de France (André Leducq)
4 Readers’ Forum
5 Book Review: “Uphill Battle” by Owen Mulholland
5 Web Resources
6 Obituaries: Charly Gaul, Dan Ulwelling, Jacques Faizant
7 Report from the Second North American Handmade Bicycle Show
16 Changing Trends: Making Sense of Racing Bicycles from the Past
21 What Makes a Bicycle Fast?
21 Racing in the 1990s: Lighter Bicycles Do Not Always Win
22 Who Invented Half-Step Gearing?
23 Photo Special: Charly Gaul’s Coming of Age (1955 Tour de France)
26 Randonneuring Basics, Part 1: Planning and Packing
30 45 Years of Progress: Three Racing Bikes from 1903 until ca. 1947
35 Builders Speak: Jamie Swan on Frame Alignment
38 Test: Gaansari Van Cleve — A Classic Racing Bike
42 Test: Three Front Racks to Retrofit (Almost) Any Bike
44 Trail, Fat Tires and 650B
46 Differing Opinions on Front-End Geometry and Trail
47 A Non-Linear Relationship Between Trail and Stabilit

BQ 14 (Winter 2005)

Vol. 4, No. 2
BQ 14 Cover

This edition is out of print.

1 Two Friends, Two Bikes, 100 Hills
5 Book Review: Memories of Frank Patterson
6 Riding with Classic Derailleurs — Part 1: Cyclotouring Rear Derailleurs
13 Blood, Sweat and Tears: Setting up a Cyclo Rear Derailleur
17 Builders Speak: Brian Baylis on Lug Design
20 Goëland — The Brand of the Middle Ground
21 1950s Goëland Catalogue (Daniel Rebour)
26 Rebour drawings of Goëland bikes
27 Early 1960s Goëland Randonneur
30 Barn Find: 1960s Goëland City Bike
33 Riders Discuss: What We Want in a Bike
37 Test: J. P. Weigle Randonneur
41 Frame Stiffness Revisited
42 How to Integrate a Handlebar Bag into a Custom Bicycle

BQ 13 (Autumn 2005)

Vol. 4, No. 1
BQ 13 Cover

This edition is out of print.

1 A 300km Brevet on a 1952 René Herse
4 “I Rode for Alex Singer” — Interview with Jean Olbrechts
11 Alex Singer’s Narrow Escape
12 “Seen at the Belgian Poly” (Daniel Rebour, 1953)
14 “The Belgian Poly” (Daniel Rebour, 1954)
15 Who Made the Lightest Bike — Narcisse or Singer?
19 Battle of the Giants: Paris-Roubaix 1935
24 Builders Speak: Peter Weigle on Designing and Filing Lugs
27 The Aesthetics of Lugs — Comparing Confente, Csuka and Weigle
28 “Aux 4 Jours de Paris” (Daniel Rebour, 1946)
29 The “Four Days of Paris” — The First Post-War Technical Trials
30 The Rise and Fall of Rider-Developed Bicycles
33 Helen and Neville March’s 1947 Technical Trials René Herse
36 Test: The Berthoud Epervier is a Fast Event Bike
41 Test: Bruce Gordon Titanium Pump and Toeclips
41 Long-Term Test: Outdoor Research Gloves, Liners and Hat
42 Test: Grand Bois “Cyprès” 650B x 32mm Tires
43 Tire Weight, Comfort and Performance

BQ 12 (Summer 2005)

Vol. 3, No. 4
BQ 12 Cover

This edition is out of print.

1 The Great Territorial Road Race of 1894
4 Book Review: The Dancing Chain, 2nd Edition
5 Cirque du Cyclisme: Classic Cycling’s Best Kept Secret
12 “La Mode Cycliste aux U.S.A.” (Daniel Rebour, 1948)
14 Gene Portuesi and the Cyclo-Pedia Mail-Order Company
16 Conversation with Grant Petersen of Rivendell Bicycle Works
23 Chicago’s Best: 1972 Schwinn Paramount P-15 Deluxe Touring
24 The Vermont Cyclotouring Bikes: 1970s Bill Vetter
26 No Derailleurs: Testing the Rivendell “Quickbeam”
28 Testing the Efficiency of Generator Hubs
31 The North American Handmade Bicycle Show 2005
32 Framebuilders and Constructeurs Tell It as It Is
37 Cyclocross Geometry — An Application for Low Geometric Trail
37 Re-Raking a Fork to Decrease Trail
38 2005 Bruce Gordon Randonneur
39 Ideas for the Future: The Carbon Concept Randonneur (C. Zider)

BQ 11 (Spring 2005)

Vol. 3, No. 3
BQ 11 Cover

This edition is out of print.

1 Traveling Cyclists: Protraits of Adventure Cycling’s Visitors
4 Announcements
5 The Golden Age of Handbuilt Bicycles (Book)
8 What Makes a Good Touring Bike – Mike Barry’s Herse “Camping”
10 The First Voyage of Docteur Ruffier in 1889
12 Test: 1971 René Herse “Démontable”
17 Russ Meinke: The Original Owner of the Herse Démontable
18 Centerfold: Ruozzi, the Touriste-Routier (Tour de France 1935)
20 Book Reviews
22 Test: Co-Motion “Nor’Wester Co-Pilot”
26 Test: Paul “Racer” Centerpull Brakes
28 Front End Geometry for Different Speeds, Loads and Tire Sizes

BQ 10 (Winter 2004)

Vol. 3, No. 2
BQ 10 Cover

1 Riding the Mountains on a 1952 Jo Routens
5 Eddy Merckx’ Hour Record Bicycle (Daniel Rebour 1973)
7 How the Hour Record Bike Came to Seattle
8 José Meiffret: The “Human Cannonball”
10 Atlatls, Baidarkas, and Bicycle Frame Stiffness
12 Update on the Technical Trials 2005
12 Opportunities for Framebuilders
13 The First René HERSE Catalogue ? (Daniel Rebour 1946)
18 The Magazine Le Cycliste and the Cyclotouring Movement
20 Book Reviews and Equipment Tests
22 Advanced Technology: Raymond Henry’s ca. 1948 Dujardin
25 Choosing Your Wheels: History, Comfort and Rolling Resistance
26 Choosing the Gear Ratios for Your Bike

BQ 9 (Autumn 2004)

Vol. 3, No. 1
BQ 9 Cover

This edition is out of print.

1 Seventy Years of Cyclotouring — Interview with Paulette Porthault
14 Annick’s Favorite Bike — 1951 René Herse with Nivex derailleur
17 Chanteloup and Progress (Daniel Rebour 1946)
18 Seen At Chanteloup (Daniel Rebour 1946)
20 Book Review: Personal Best — The Autobiography of Beryl Burton
21 Ready to Go: Testing the Heron Randonneur
24 The Very First Flèche Velocio in 1947
27 Metal Fenders — Correctly Mounted to Last (Almost) Foreve

BQ 8 (Summer 2004)

Vol. 2, No. 4
BQ 8 Cover

This edition is out of print.

1 Daniel Rebour — The Life Behind the Illustrations
8 Alex Singer Présente (1946 Singer ad by Daniel Rebour)
9 Product Review: Paul Neo-Retro Brakes
9 Technical Trials in 2005
10 Nelson Miller’s 1961 Olmo De Luxe
13 Tour de France 1963: Time Trialist vs. Climber
14 La Machine du Tour de France 1963 (Daniel Rebour)
18 On the Podium at the Tour de France and Tour de l’Avenir 1963 (Daniel Rebour)
19 Down to the Wire: Paris-Brest-Paris 2003
22 1950 Barra Randonneur : 18.7 Pounds of Custom-Made Aluminum (Note: The bike since has been found to weigh 24 pounds)
24 Maxi-Car Hubs: Unequalled Excellence
26 Overhauling Maxi-Car Hubs
28 The Beauty is More Than Skin-Deep — Well-Built Steel Frames

BQ 7 (Spring 2004)

Vol. 2, No. 3
BQ 7 Cover

1 The Fascinating Tandems of France
5 Two Women on a Tandem: 600km in 34 Hours (1928)
7 1938 Reyhand : The Master’s Touch
9 1938/39 Narcisse : Inspired by the Technical Trials (Note: The bike since has been found to be made around 1945)
12 1930s Hurtu Coupe des Alpes : Total Triangulation
14 La Machine de Paris-Brest-Paris 2003 (Chris Zider)
17 1949 Alex Singer : Black Beauty
20 Paris-Brest-Paris by Tandem in 49 h 20′ (Jo Routens, 1948)
23 1947-1952 Hugonnier-Routens : Built for the Mountains
24 1950 René Herse : Classic Perfection
26 1950s Marcadier : Welded Oversize Aluminum
28 Why the old Tandems Handle so Well 

BQ 6 (Winter 2003)

Vol. 2, No. 2
BQ 6 Cover

1 Developing the Campagnolo Gran Sport — The First Modern Racing Derailleur
7 Milestones in the Development of Parallelogram Rear Derailleurs
10 Pellos: The 1951 Tour de France
11 Daniel Rebour: The 1951 Tour de France-Winning La Perle
14 The Mad Chase — A Glance at Early Paced Track Cycle Racing
19 René HERSE 17 74 — Top of the Line in 1974
22 Ernest Csuka: How We Made Them So Light — The Technical Trials-Winning Alex Singer
24 The Tour Audax du Centenaire 2003 Souvenir Henri Desgrange

BQ 5 (Autumn 2003)

Vol. 2, No. 1
BQ 5 Cover

11 The Fastest “Tandem Mixte” in Paris-Brest-Paris 2003
5 History of the Technical Trials 1946-1949
14 Daniel Rebour: Will This be the Machine for the 1948 Technical Trials?
24 The Legacy of the Technical Trials — And the Future
25 Book Review: “A Crooked Path to Victory”
25 Other Reading Resources
26 Fenders — A Comparison Test
28 Aerodynamics and Fenders

BQ 4 (Summer 2003)

Vol. 1, No. 4
BQ 4 Cover

1 The technical trials — stimulating progress from 1901 until 1949
4 1934: “Le Concours de la Meilleure Machine” in Auvergne
5 1935: Criterium Cyclotourisme des Alpes
9 Impressions of a “Pilote de Concours”
11 1936: 2nd Criterium Cyclotouriste de “L’Auto”
14 Raymond Henry’s 1936 Reyhand
15 1937: Criterium de l’Auto (Grand Prix Duralumin)
15 Impressions of a spectator at the 1937 Grand Prix Duralumin
16 1938: 4th Criterium Cyclotouriste de l’Auto
17 1939: Grand Prix de Colmar
20 An overview of bike shops in Paris
22 The Alex Singer shop in the early 1990s
24 A 600km brevet on a 1948 René Herse tandem

BQ 3 (Spring 2003)

Vol. 1, No. 3
BQ 3 Cover

This edition is out of print.

1 A fully equipped, 7.960kg cyclotouring bike in 1936
2 The Nivex derailleur does not wear out
4 From San Francisco to Los Angeles in 1902
6 1929 Integral with floating chain
10 La Machine de Paris-Brest by Daniel Rebour
12 What makes a good randonneur bike
16 Randonneuring — Audax-style
16 Celebrate 100 years of the Tour de France by riding the original route, Audax-style
17 The Paris-Brest-Paris Audax 1956
18 French trailer design from the 1940s/50s
20 Thoughts on trailer design
20 Trailers — a counterpoint

BQ 2 (Winter 2002)

Vol. 1, No. 2
BQ 2 Cover

1 It is not over until… Paris-Brest-Paris 1956
6 Interview with Roger Baumann, Pilote de René Herse and winner of PBP 1956
12 No special technology for Paris-Brest-Paris 1956 by Daniel Rebour
14 Seen at Paris-Brest-Paris 1956 by Daniel Rebour and Joel Metz
15 A fully integrated bicycle: Helen March’s 1952 A. Faure
18 Daniel Rebour Drawings of an A. Faure bicycle
19 Installing alloy fenders on your bike
20 Alex Singer and René Herse — a comparison
20 Special Book Offer — René Herse by New Cycling

BQ 1 (Summer 2002)

Vol. 1, No. 1
BQ 1 Cover

1 Interview with Ernest Csuka, owner of Cycles Alex Singer
9 Alex Singer No. 1179 — A Typical Singer Randonneur Bike (with drawings by Daniel Rebour)
14 Went the Day Well — A 400km Brevet
15 Who Needs a Triple? Get Rid of Your Big Chainring!
16 Daniel Rebour Drawings of Bikes at Paris-Brest-Paris in 1951
18 The Singer ‘Patent’ Bottom Bracket
19 Last Word — Fashion and Bikes