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Berthoud Alex Singer Mini Bag


This small handlebar bag originally was custom-made for Cycles Alex Singer to fit on their small front racks. It slides over the backstop of the rack. The bag is small and light, so this is enough to hold it securely on the rack. An elastic at the bottom provides additional security for the bag.
The bag can hold a lightweight rain jacket, a few small tools and a snack. Two small pockets on the rear can hold a spare tube and a wallet. This bag fits best on racks with backstops that are 60-65 mm wide. (Narrower is OK, but wider will not work!)

The Alex Singer Mini Bag is available in the traditional gray-blue, or black, with natural leather reinforcements.

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Gilles Berthoud continues to make the classic Sologne handlebar bags. With more than 50 years experience, their bags are sewn in France by hand from waterproof cotton, and edged with leather. These traditional materials work well, keeping our editor’s bag dry during a 50-hour ride in the rain in Paris-Brest-Paris, and are lighter than most “modern” bags.

  • Made by hand in France
  • 120 mm tall x 200 mm wide x 100 mm deep
  • Waterproof cotton
  • Leather edging
  • Elastic closures can be opened with one hand
  • 348 g

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