Rene Herse Centerpull Brakes, Bolt-On Mounting


Mount Rene Herse Centerpull Brakes on a bike without direct mounts! We combine brand-new Rene Herse arms and hardware with a refurbished and polished Mafac Raid backing plate.

Your fork crown and seatstay bridge must be drilled with holes for brake mounting. Depending on your frame, you will need to source hardware to mount the brake to your fork crown/brake bridge.

Each brake comes with a straddle cable hanger, and Kool-Stop salmon-colored brake pads. Includes one set of standard and one set of angled washers to set toe-in. Ships with standard brake bolts only. Rack-mounting bolts available separately.

Sold individually. These do not include the bolts for mounting the brake on the frame, as that depends on how your frame is configured.

Also available for direct mounting to posts on the frame in standard and Rinko versions.

Made in Taiwan, France and USA. 10 year warranty.

Note: Please allow a few extra days for assembly and shipping of these brakes.

Limited Availability!



Centerpull brakes locate the pivot close to the brake shoes, which minimizes flex and maximizes brake power and feel/modulation. The Rene Herse centerpull brakes use forged arms and custom-made hardware to provide the ultimate in strength and light weight. The leverage of the arms is optimized to provide superior braking power, yet the pads have plenty of clearance in case your wheel goes out of true.

These brakes are mounted to backing plates for frames without direct mount posts for centerpulls. These brakes do not fit on posts for cantilever brakes.

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