Schwalbe Tubes for 700C Tires


Quality tubes can be hard to find, and we have had problems with split seams and valves coming loose on ‘no-name’ tubes. Schwalbe’s tubes have been very reliable.

Presta valve.

Sizing advice: Where two sizes overlap, we recommend the smaller size. Quality tubes can stretch, but a tube that is too large will be difficult to fit into the tire.

Made in Indonesia or Vietnam.

Note: Currently, there is a tube shortage. Please limit your order to a maximum of 6 tubes (all models). We’re all in this together. Thank you for understanding!

  • Presta valve
  • Removable valve cores
  • 700C x 18-28 mm (SV15), 112 g
  • 700C x 29-32 mm (SV16), 123 g
  • 700C x 33-47 mm (SV17), 150 g
  • 700C x 40-62 mm (SV19), 220 g
  • 700C x 18-26 mm Superlight (SV20), 65 g
  • 700C x 28-45 mm Superlight (SV18), 107 g
  • 700C x 40-62 mm Superlight (SV19A), 140 g

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