Schwalbe Tubes for 700C Tires

Schwalbe Tubes for 700C Tires


Quality tubes can be hard to find, and we have had problems with split seams and valves coming loose on ‘no-name’ tubes. Schwalbe’s tubes have been very reliable.

Presta valve.

Sizing advice: Where two sizes overlap, we recommend the smaller size. Quality tubes can stretch, but a tube that is too large will be difficult to fit into the tire.

Note: During the current tube shortage, some models are only available without boxes. We appreciate your understanding.

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  • Presta valve
  • Removable valve cores
  • Made in Indonesia or Vietnam
  • 700C x 18-28 mm (SV15), 112 g
  • 700C x 29-32 mm (SV16), 123 g
  • 700C x 33-47 mm (SV17), 150 g
  • 700C x 40-62 mm (SV19), 220 g
  • 700C x 18-26 mm Superlight (SV20), 65 g
  • 700C x 28-45 mm Superlight (SV18), 107 g
  • 700C x 40-62 mm Superlight (SV19A), 140 g
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