TPU Tubes Are Back in Stock

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TPU Tubes Are Back in Stock

Rene Herse TPU tubes are back in stock. The first production run sold out in less than 24 hours. We have mixed feelings about that. On the one hand, we are happy that so many customers share our excitement about the new TPU tubes.

On the other hand, we consider our products staples that should be in stock at all times. When you run Rene Herse tires, we work hard to ensure that you can get replacements when you need them, rather than having to stock up in advance. The same applies to tubes, obviously, and also to most other products in our program. But sometimes new products are so much in demand that production simply can’t keep up. Our TPU tubes are made in Germany, in small batches, so supply is going to be limited for a while.

That’s the case with the new Rene Herse TPU tubes. Even riders who run their tires tubeless are excited, because these tubes pack so small that it’s easy to carry multiple spares. Four TPU tubes take up the same space as a single butyl tube. The TPU tubes are also incredibly lightweight—just a third of an equivalent butyl tube. The TPU tubes have significantly lower rolling resistance than butyl tubes or tubeless installations, too. Only ultra-thin latex tubes roll as fast—but those leak air so that they need to be pumped up every 12 hours or so. That’s not a problem with Rene Herse TPU tubes.

Thanks to patented all-metal valves, Rene Herse TPU tubes don’t suffer from mysterious leaks that occur when metal valve cores are screwed into plastic valve stems. The stems of Rene Herse TPU tubes don’t have threads, which you’ll appreciate if you use a pump with a press-on head. (The valve cores do have threads, so pumps with threaded hoses work fine, too.)

We resisted the temptation to set new records as far as light weight is concerned. Instead, we use slightly thicker material to greatly increase the resistance to puncture and pinch flats. As so often, adding a few grams or material in the right places brings an outsize improvement in durability. And Rene Herse tubes are still superlight: The version for racing tires up to 32 mm wide weighs just 32 g. The biggest tubes, for tires up to 60 mm wide, comes in at 63 g.

Everything about Rene Herse TPU tubes has been optimized based on the experience gained in thousands of miles of real-world testing. Get yours while they last! (If you miss out this time, more are already in production. We promise that eventually supply will catch up with demand.)

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