When you are looking for a bike that is optimized for far-ranging adventures, you now can select from an increasing range of “Gravel” and “Allroad” bikes. For the ultimate in performance, a custom bike remains a good choice, because the mainstream bike industry still considers essentials like lights and fenders “accessories”, and ideas like the shock absorption of fork blades haven’t entered their consciousness yet.

Custom builders need specialized parts to make fully integrated bicycles. Compass has made these parts available, from rack tabs to fork crowns for wider tires. We also import Kaisei fork blades that are flexible in their lower section for shock absorption, yet stiff in their upper section to resist the forces of hard braking. Our parts help builders make bicycles that combine superior performance with a beautiful finish.

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“We got the bike welded up with the Mule tubes. The weight is low, it’s quite laterally stiff without harshness, and our builders were really impressed with the way it built.”
– Nate King, Scarab Cycles

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