Classic Rene Herse Stem/Seatpost Bolt


One of the things that makes Rene Herse bikes special are the custom-made screws and bolts. This practice came from his aircraft background: During the early 1900s, there were no standards for bolts. Aircraft makers made their own screws to ensure they were strong enough. A bolt failure on an aircraft can have devastating consequences!

The aircraft builders designed their own head shapes, so mechanics in the field could immediately see if a bolt had been replaced by a generic one of potentially inferior quality.

Drawing on that tradition, Herse made his own bolts, too. The triangular heads for his M6 seatpost binder and stem bolts are truly iconic. We now offer replicas in both lengths found on Herse’s bikes.

29 mm shaft length (left): seatpost binders, stems without decaleurs

32 mm shaft length (right): stems with decaleurs

Sold individually.

Pro Tip: If a bolt on your bike is broken or missing, check why the original bolt broke. If the two sides clamped by the bolt are misaligned, it puts a bending load on the bolt. Fix the underlying problem first, otherwise the replacement bolt may also break. (Broken bolts are not covered by our warranty.)

  • Made from strong CrMo
  • Chrome-plated
  • Shaft length: 29 or 32 mm
  • Made in Taiwan