ETAs for Out-Of-Stock Products

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ETAs for Out-Of-Stock Products

The floodgates are finally opening. The products we ordered so long ago are finally arriving. This means that things that were out of stock for a while are back, or they are expected soon. Here are some ETAs for things many of you have been patiently waiting for:

UD Racks —mid-January

The lightest racks in’s big rack review, and yet they are stronger and stiffer than most, thanks to clever design and top-notch materials. These racks adapt to almost any bike, as long as the fork has a hole all the way through. (That hole and the long support that goes inside is crucial for keeping the platform from swaying.)

The UD-1 (above) is intended for bikes with disc brakes.

The UD-2 comes with special struts and bolts to attach to cantilever posts. It’s an elegant solution, as it doesn’t require any other braze-ons or eyelets. And since the rack platform is the same for all UD racks, you can easily convert a UD-1 to a UD-2 or vice versa. (The stays are available separately.)

The UD racks have just been completed, and they will be on the way to Seattle soon.

171 mm Crankarms —early- to mid-January

Our Rene Herse cranks offer the functionality of a top-shelf modern crank with almost unlimited chainring choices and a classy appearance. Thanks to net-shape forging and a shape optimized with Finite Element Analysis, they rival the best in light weight, yet they are the only cranks from a small maker that pass the EN Racing Bike standard for fatigue resistance. Our 9- to 12-speed chainrings with their computer-optimized ramps and pins shift as well as the very best in the business—and they are available all the way down to a 42×26 combination. For all those of us are not pro racers who contest downhill sprints with a strong lead-out. Thanks to the smart design, you can convert Rene Herse cranks from single to double and even triple, and back. Many customers buy one set, then come back to equip their other bikes with these cranks.

165 and 177 mm arms are in stock. Single-specific and one-by arms are also available. 171 mm arms for doubles/triples have been forged and are now being machined. Once they’ve been through quality control and polishing, they’ll be available again.

More good news: 42/26 chainrings are back in stock, too. We just received a small quantity, and more are on the way.

Nivex Derailleurs —early January

The first batch of Nivex derailleurs sold out with lightning speed. We’re working hard at assembling more, but it’s a labor-intensive process that takes time. More will be available by early January. That includes shift levers, braze-ons and tools. The 6-8-speed version and friction shifters are expected soon thereafter.

Straddle Cable Yokes —December

Rene Herse Straddle Cable Yokes are as beautiful as they are functional. The roller automatically self-centers your brakes after you install your wheel, of if your brakes get moved out of alignment—as long as your brake’s springs have even tension. If they don’t, simply flip the lower bolt around and lock the roller. Then you can set the yoke off-center to make up for the unequal spring tension. Also available with a titanium lower bolt for 20% less weight. But even the steel versions are superlight.

Merino Jerseys —December

One of the secrets to our adventures and races are these wool jersey. Wool adjusts to a variety of temperatures, and it continues to insulate even when it gets wet. Not having to stop and change clothes for every up- and downhill saves significant time and also keeps the flow of the ride. There are some decent synthetics out there, but wool still has a few million years of a head start when it comes to R&D. And there’s no Merino wool that finer and softer than these jerseys. A new batch of these has just been finished, and they are on the way to Seattle.

With all these products, quantities are limited. They can sell out very quickly. Make sure to sign up on the product pages to get notified when they are back in stock. (Click on the images above to get to the product pages.) Also sign up for our newsletter (below) to be the first to know when we announce new arrivals.

Thank you for your patience while these were out of stock.

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