650B x 38 Loup Loup Pass Tire


Classic size with thoroughly modern performance: The 38 mm Loup Loup Pass fits classic 650B bikes for a magic ride that straddles the boundary between road-bike feel and wide-tire versatility. These tires provide the intimate feedback that you love on a road bike, but without the chatter and discomfort of narrower rubber. We name our tires after the passes in the Cascade Mountains that inspire them: Loup Loup Pass connects the Methow Valley with the Okanagan in the northern part of the Cascade Mountains. The narrow road across this scenic pass is paved, but the asphalt is rough and cracks have formed where the road has settled. With these tires, you’ll traverse this beautiful pass with confidence and speed.

The supple casing of Rene Herse all-road tires rolls smoothly over surface irregularities. The tread pattern interlocks with the road surface for superior cornering grip, wet or dry. The tread has enough thickness in the center to last thousands of miles, but it’s thin and supple on the shoulders where it doesn’t wear.

The Standard casing is our more affordable option: comfortable and fast, yet also strong to withstand considerable abuse. The Extralight casing takes the performance, comfort and feel of your bike to an entirely new level.

The Loop Loup Pass requires tubes. We recommend SV12 or SV14A tubes.

All models feature:
  • Clincher, folding bead
  • Maximum pressure: 75 psi (5.2 bar)
  • Recommended rim: 17-27 mm (inner width), hookless or with hooks
  • Actual width on 20 mm rim (internal): approx. 37 mm
  • Actual width on 23 mm rim (internal): approx. 37.5 mm
  • Extralight casing: +0.5 mm width
  • Made in Japan
Standard casing
  • Supple casing
  • Tan sidewalls
  • 370 g
Extralight casing
  • Ultra-light, ultra-supple casing
  • Tan sidewalls
  • 340 g