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Warranty Information:

In the unlikely event that something does go wrong, we stand behind our components with one of the best warranties in the bike business.

Compass Centerpull Brakes Instructions:

Downloadable instructions for installing our centerpull brakes. Includes framebuilding specs for our centerpull brakes and the Compass CP1 Rack.

Crank/Bottom Bracket Specs:

Downloadable instructions for René Herse Cranks, SKF Bottom Brackets, and our chart for using the two together.

Lighting Instructions:

Downloadable instructions for the Compass Taillight, SON generator hubs, and Edelux Headlights.

Tire Instructions:

Downloadable article on optimizing your tire pressure and tire installation instructions.

Requirements for Good Fender Installation:

Requirements for good fender installation.

Fenders for Different Tire Sizes:

Our recommendations for fender models by tire size.